Monday, July 6, 2015

Why Must They Learn The Hard Way? ~ Musical Monday

As I was growing up I always wished I was part of the "in crowd".  I was friends with all groups and considered myself more of a floater, just getting by with all types.  I was always respected by all types and truthfully enjoyed how they did respect me.  Years later as an adult, I found out by a few friends I was considered as part of the "in crowd" I was really surprised by this bit of news.  I was just me and held to my beliefs.  I was never pressured into drinking or any partying.  I was invited and went to a few, but if they knew I was coming they made sure there was pop for me and never smoked any pot around me.

I wish our children was more like me and like Todd, he was like me as well...Cook Kids. In the past twelve months we have had three of our five children who can drive lose their license.  The first; this driver never paid the tickets issued to the driver for not having the license plates updated as well as no car insurance.  In Iowa it is illegal to drive your car without insurance.  The other two were picked up for drunk driving.  This is the most frustrating one.  Why?  We have always made it clear to the children if they had too much to drink to call us and we can come pick them up, no judging, no anger.  I had to call my older two boys once because I knew I was too drunk to drive, they came and picked me up.  I wanted to set a role model to all of our kids.  The latest driver to lose privilege happened over the holiday weekend.  *sigh*  I know it is tough living in Iowa City where the University of Iowa is.  The biggest downfall of the University is it has been in the top 10 party Universities in the Nation.  I am not proud of that.  I am proud of all the other good things with the University but this is not one of them.  I just don't get the kids.  They need to be cool like I was.

This leads me to my song of the week.  This song keeps playing in my head all week so I thought I would participate in My So-Called Chaos Musical Monday party.  If you want to join to, click on the icon. 

 Musical Mondays at My So-Called Chaos

I truly love the sound of this song and I also like how it shows we all have problems.  Enjoy!



  1. Oh, no! 3 out of 5? Time for a serious family meeting!
    This is a great song. I need to share it with Shelley…I think she'd like it!

  2. Oh no! At least no one was hurt. :) I do love Echosmith though. Great song choice!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that, at least they're alive and safe. Drunk driving is so terrible!

    I love this song though, thank you for sharing and joining!

  4. Hi--I just graduated from college, I'm in grad school (looking at Iowa for PhD, fingers crossed) and I went to/am at a party school! There's an unbelievable amount of pressure to drink sometimes, and you're right. We need to be cool, chill out and not drink so much (and especially not drive). This post is great advice that could have helped many of my friends! Great song :)


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