Monday, August 10, 2015

Animals of Yellowstone

Did you Know: Yellowstone is the largest concentration of wildlife in the lower 48 states? Alaska has more.  The wildlife most popular to see by visitors are: Bears, Wolves, Moose, Elk, Bison, Badgers, Otters, Fox, and any baby critters.

Did you Know: Yellowstone has 61 different mammals? Among black bears there are grizzly bears.  Currently there is estimated over 500 grizzly bears.  In 1995 the wolves were restored, now there are 13 packs and estimated more than 370 in Yellowstone.  Wolverine and lynx are in the park but are rare to spot.  Yellowstone is home to elk, black tail deer, white tailed deer, pronghorn deer, bighorn sheep, mule deer, moose, and bison. Within the past five years, mountain goats have entered Yellowstone.  Many types of birds and fish as well as many smaller mammals.

This visit we were able to see swans, stork, and ducks (batteries were dead unable to capture a picture of) and the eagle I posted about in the post prior.  I was sad I was not able to get any pictures of these animals.

We never saw a grizzly but we did see a black bear from the road side.

This was close enough for me.  I want to respect the wild and be able to enjoy.  One should never hike alone, always in groups of three and carry bear spray.  Yellowstone typically has at least one bear injury per year on average.  At the time of our visit there were none.  Sadly just a few days ago a bear attack was reported.  If the bear did kill the hiker and her cubs that they suspect, the animals will have to be put down because now the animals will think it is fine to kill or attack humans.

We saw many Elk.  Yellowstone has the large amount of elk.
We saw black tailed deer.
We found mule ear deer.
We also came across prong horn deer from the road side. 
We saw a moose taking a bath.  We were told by our tour guide we should feel lucky because not many people see them in Yellowstone.  There are under 200 in the park.  He has been working there for three years and this is his fifth moose he has seen.
We saw an Osprey another rare sighting we have been told.
We had a Grouse hanging out with us and entertaining us at our second campground.
 This seagull was begging for our lunch one day.
Of course we saw Bison or Buffalo what some people call them.  We went during Bison mating/dating season. This year Yellowstone has a high of five people being gored.  Three of these five were from people not respecting the wild.  They tried to think they were able to take selfies with bison who were less than five feet away from them.
Bison can stop traffic just like the guy below did.  We did not move for 20 minutes until an ambulance came to the rescue and made some noise to get him moving.  Bison do not like noises from ambulances or park rangers trucks.  They also do not like big buses, they tend to move quick with the buses next to them and they do not like motorcycles.  The bison will knock of bikers.
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  1. Great photos Jolene and I'm so happy you didn't have any run ins - literally - with the bison! Very cool that you got to see the moose. Those are some massive animals as well, and I agree, that roadside shot of the bear would be plenty close enough for me!

    1. Yes, the Bison was close to me walking past the bus, but I felt safe NOW if I was on a motorcycle that would be a different thing. I think an Elk ran into our tent our 2nd night tent camping. I woke up to something hitting the tent and then a few minutes later I heard Elk crying out in a few campsites away from our. LOL


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