Sunday, August 9, 2015

Literary Friday ~ The Budapest House A Life Re-Discovered

This book was a very hard read, a very good book, but difficult one to read.  It definitely was a poor choice to read while driving on vacation.  I found the book very interesting but it was not a light read.  In my opinion it is more of a history book with a bit of a biography.  It definitely made me sad in several places in the story.  
The story is about how Frances Pinter as a teen finds out she was Jewish, something her family has hid from her.  She investigated her past and found missing relatives she never knew existed, you see many of the Hungarian Jews did not survive Auschwitz.  The book is retelling of her family about how they, Hungarian Jews were treated prior to World War II, during the war and during the Cold War and how those who managed to survive lived and persevered.  The book also told of Frances' voyage to the Budapest House. It was through writing this book, Frances was able to come to terms with her heritage and move forward.

I do recommend reading this book, but just beware it was not a light read at all.

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  1. Wow, this sounds like a very heavy book, not exactly the light read you'd want to read on vacation. I can't imagine how shocked she must have been when she found out that her family was Jewish. Super review, and thanks for linking-up to Literary Friday!



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