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Vacation 2015 ~ Day Four, Five, and Six - Yellowstone

As I posted yesterday, our first day in Yellowstone was also day three of our vacation.  Our vacation was a lot of driving and yesterday there were a couple of pictures of Todd and I.  The one where we were at the Grand Tetons we look fresh, it was prior to lunch.  The picture of the two of us in Yellowstone was later in the day, after many hours in the car and pitching our tent.  We had to climb a hill every time we took something out of the car to the campground site.  It was beautiful there and I did get a lot of exercising in.  The pictures yesterday were of Artist Point, with a view of the Lower Falls and Tower Falls.   Below are just a couple of more photos I took of the stopping points on our day three (day one in Yellowstone)
The view from Artist Point of the Lower Falls.
I think it is absolutely beautiful. 
I love both photos so much.

Below is part of Artist Point.
I love the different colors of the canyon.
Our last stop for this day was Tower Falls.
This is the falls I took Todd's picture which was posted yesterday.
Day Four (day two in Yellowstone) Todd and I drove around after we took down our tent.  We wanted to hit all of the entrances into Yellowstone.  We took the South entrance to get into the park so prior to checking into Old Faithful Snow lodge we wanted to go to the North entrance and the West entrance.  We had to be at the lodge by 4 p.m. and have dinner, then we had an evening tour Twilight by the Fire Hole at 6:15 pm.  We journeyed to the North entrance and came across the black bear, which I will post in the next post.  Once we drove outside the North Entrance we came across the Hoover Arch.  There is road construction going on at this point, so we had to walk down to the arch and it was a very gloomy day.  My picture does not do any justice for this historical arch.  I took several pictures because my supervisor's great uncle helped build the arch.  I loved the tie to this historical monument.

Due to the construction and delays in the North entrance (we waited 40 minutes) and other road construction as we were heading towards the central part of Yellowstone, we chose to delay the West entrance until the next day. 

Did you Know: Yellowstone has several petrified trees?  50 million years ago, scientist believe Yellowstone had Redwood, Maple, Magnolia, Oak, Dogwood, and Pine trees prior to the volcano erupting.  The eruption helped create the petrified trees which are showing up.  Erosion of the hill sides are making the layers of petrified trees appear.  Specimen Ridge has 27 layers and Specimen Creek has 50 layers. 

Above is a picture of one of the petrified trees.  The park has placed an iron wrought fence around the tree to protect it from visitors. 

We were cold from the damp rain and wanted some warmth prior to our tour that night. We checked into our room. Originally we thought Emily and Matthew would be joining us as well, so all of our reservations for hotels included four guest.

The snow lodge was so warm and I loved the decor it had. There was a wonderful fireplace in the lobby for guest to sit around and warm up.   While we were waiting for our tour guide, a beautiful rainbow appeared over the geyser basin.  If I were over maybe 15 feet, Old Faithful would have been in the picture and erupting too.
Our evening trip we rode in this very cool old school vehicle.  It was rather fun for our row, the poor back row kept getting water dripping on them from the rain.  It leaked on them.  I felt horrible for them because it was a cold evening on top of it.  I failed to take a picture of the vehicle. 

We were so happy we had indoors to sleep that night.  The campgrounds we stayed the night before received snow.  I was so cold during most of our tour from the rain and all, before we left Old Faithful, we picked up some gloves, thermal socks, an additional throw blanket, and a stocking hat for me.

Day Five (day three in Yellowstone) began leaving the warmth of our hotel.  I was happy to see no snow flurries as predicted.  We headed to the West entrance.  I also picked up Dramamine at this time to aid with the sickness.  We decided to go just a little further into Utah, another beautiful state.
We turned around and re-entered Yellowstone.  The West entrance is the most popular entrance.  It is the easiest less curves, mountains, and the busiest.  We had to wait through many traffic lights just to get to park entrance to wait in line for another 20 minutes.  We were definitely happy we held off for the West entrance the day prior or we would not have made our tour in time.  The Dramamine was definitely kicking in and I was fighting to keep my eyes open.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get my camera ready for a beautiful flying eagle shot near his eagle nest.  We did stop at a few places within Yellowstone but stuck near our campsite.  We had dinner at the Lake Village.  The lake is definitely beautiful.

You cannot see my gloves I was wearing.
Seriously it was that cold!
That night we froze.  I did not enjoy our bond fire.  Todd said out of both camp sites, he did not care for the location of our camp site because we were the first row not very far from a bunch of trees and the road.  He said if there was a place where animals were to come into the campground it would be there.  I think the only animals in our campground was a Grouse and in the early hours Elk.

Day Six (day four in Yellowstone) we woke up to a frost covered tent.  We rushed taking it down and getting back to Old Faithful Inn for our next tour Yellowstone In a Day.  This was an expensive tour but very much worth it.  We learned so many interesting facts and Todd was able to see the views as well.  Our bus this time was below, another old bus.  It was kind of cool riding inside of two rather old vehicles.  I loved our tour guide he was so informative and you could tell he enjoyed his job.
He took us to so many beautiful sites and told us so many Yellowstone facts and added his own fun information.
Above: Devil's Gate inside Yellowstone
Below: a formation, which keeps growing.  
This is near Mammoth Hot Springs. 

Did you Know: Yellowstone has at least 292 Waterfalls and cascades and only a few have been named.
 Gibson's Falls
 Above: Tower Falls
Below: Crystal Falls
  Above: Lower Falls
Below: Beginning of Upper Falls
 Above: Undine Falls
Below: Falls Mystic Falls
There are many more named, we did not get pictures of or on the back country roads/trails.  

Did you Know: Yellowstone has estimated over 10,000 thermals out of these 3% are geysers Over 275 are greater than 15 ft in height
 Above two photos and below: Artist Points

Above: Near the front Great Fountain Geyser 
about an hour from going off. 
 Below: White dome going off. (Blue tint is from the bus)
Below is Dragon's Mouth Spring
(another gem we found this year.)
This spring roared like a dragon and would spit out 
boiling hot water.

One of the geothermals below.

Below are pictures from the Mud Volcano

I love the different colors of the grass

Below: Mammoth Hot Springs
Above and Below are pictures of one of the interesting points
at Mammoth Hot Springs.
This was one of our new favorite spots and when we go back
we will explore more of this, our tour only had a small amount of time here.
Did you Know: Yellowstone has 2.2 million acres and is in three states.  96% of Yellowstone is in Wyoming.  3% is in Montana, and 1% in Idaho.  Yellowstone has five entrances into the park.  The first were the North and West entrance and the third is the East entrance. I will post more about the third entrance later.  In our four days in the park we managed to visit a good chunk of the main attractions in Yellowstone.  We went through each entrance but the Northeast entrance.  We also did not get to the Northeast part of Yellowstone at all.  Yes, you read it right about the post time. We visited two years ago for one day.  This time was four days.  We want to go back in three-four years to take Kera, Matthew, and Taj as well as any other of our children or grandchildren at that time.  These three have not seen the glory of Yellowstone. Next time we will see Norris Geyser Basin, the largest geyser (we drove by it many times) as well as more of Mammoth Hot Springs, and the Northeast part including Lamar Valley.  Todd wants to go hiking on some of the trails. Me, not so much.  I think that day maybe Kera and I can find something else to do.  I did not take any new pictures of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (my favorite last time) or...
... Old Faithful.  You can click below to see my post about our visit in 2013.

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