Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vacation 2015 ~ Day One and Two Laramie & Dubious.

We began our journey from my Mom's house.  We thought we would shave 2 hours. We left and began to drive west.  I have to say driving through Nebraska was so long and boring.  The state is nothing but field after field and rather flat land.  Once we were in Wyoming the scenery changed immensely.  Our day one our drive was ten hours to our first destination, which was Laramie, Wyoming. 
Prior to checking in we stopped at an information center to get assist with our trip.  We met a wonderful woman who suggested some back roads for some extra beauty.  We are so very thankful to her.  While we were there we had a little fun.
 Some statues outside the Wyoming Information Center.
 Day two we left for Dubious but we took a little detour to see a little Colorado.

Then back into Wyoming we took the road which was suggested and found our selves driving along the Oregon Trail.  We found a gem, Independence Rock.  The rock is 130 feet and was the meeting point for those who traveled on the Oregon Trail and the Mormon  Handcart Trail.  I knew there was no way I was no way I could climb it with my knees, however Todd did.
 Part of the Independence Rock

 Independence Rock is 130 feet high.
 Todd conquering Independence Rock.
A picture of one of the signatures on top of Independence Rock.
One of the people on the Oregon Trail, dated July 4, 1850.
We enjoyed this so much, we both love history.  We passed a place called Devil's Gate and went back after exploring Independence Rock. 

We also stopped at Martin's Cove. Here we learned the history of the Mormon Handcart Trail.  We have a park in Iowa City named Mormon Handcart Park and now we know why. Iowa City was one of the starting points for the Mormons to purchase the handcart and begin their journey to Utah.  
 Devil's Gate
Devil's Gate is just 6 miles east of Independence Rock.  Martin's Cove is two miles west of Devil's Gate.  Devil's Gate is noted along the Oregon and California Trail as a historic landmark.  
After our little tour we hit the road and took the route which was suggested and found such beauty.  We also found Dubious to be a beautiful small town with so much character.  Day one and two was so enjoyable.
We absolutely loved Dubious.  It was also Real Cowboy Day while we were there and there was a gun show (we missed) outside the mine here.  The people were friendly and the atmosphere of the town was so warm and inviting.

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  1. I would enjoy the history, too. I don't think I'd want to climb Independence Rock because I'm so clumsy! I'd bust my butt!

    I've always been fascinated with the brave pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail. I bet you heard so many great stories on your trip!



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