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Vacation 2015 ~ Day Seven - Cody

We left Yellowstone trying to beat the sun going down.  The East entrance is a scary one with several winding roads and a few hair pin turns.  I left Yellowstone mainly with my eyes closed.  I did not take any medicine before we left.  We also had to drive through the Shone National Forrest which was the first National Forrest.  By, the way if you did not know, Yellowstone was the first National Park? We stayed two nights in Cody and I loved the hotel Todd picked out.  It was perfect.  The Cody Hotel.  It was so luxurious after tent camping.  The staff was great, the continental breakfast was wonderful, they had home made cookies waiting in the evening in the lobby. They had a nice fire pit and one night a baggie of s'more mix for those who wanted to make s'mores.  Taj would have loved staying here too.  Day seven we spent the day in Cody.  We headed towards downtown to begin with and found several bison art on display. It reminded me of our Herkey on Parade or the Books Parade.  Here are a few of the bison statues.

My favorite is below.

My second favorite.

We did a little shopping. We had a couple of things we had to pick up for some of our boys.  Christian (a.k.a Noah) wanted chocolate covered sunflower seeds like he had two years ago.  We wanted to pick up hot sauce that Joshua had two years ago.  Joshua ate a huge sample to flirt with a girl.  You can read about it by clicking here.  We had a couple of hours to shop until our trolley tour of Cody.

It was a fun two hour tour of Cody.  We saw many historical homes.  Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody) built Cody, Wyoming.  In order to have the railroad stop at Cody, Buffalo Bill had to build a hotel.  He spent his own money to build the famous Irma Hotel, he named the hotel after one of his daughters.

Did you Know: Buffalo Bill is from Le Claire, Iowa.  Yes, William F. Cody was born a little more than an hour from where we live. 

There were so many deer in people's yards.
We have a lot of deer in Iowa but they do not hang out in the day light.
I have never seen a little fawn before.  I thought he/she was cute. (above)
Below is a log cabin which has never been moved since it was built
in the 1800's.
Below is a picture of the mountain ridge near Cody Dam.
After our Trolley Tour of Cody we went to see Buffalo Bill's Museum. 
A few pictures of the outdoor attractions at the museum.
We were able to taste test a chuck wagon meal.
A statue of Buffalo Bill and Todd.
I did not take any pictures inside.  There were so many rooms, one can spend several hours possibly two days to get through the entire museum.  We took a 45 minute tour and then spent the remainder of our two hours in three rooms of our interest.  We then headed back downtown to the Irma Hotel where we ate dinner prior to the gun show outside.  The bar's cherry wood was a gift from Queen Victoria.  Buffalo Bill believed Cody would be a resting point into Yellowstone and helped lobby and convince the government that Yellowstone needed an East entrance.  He was one who wanted to protect Yellowstone but also make it accessible for visitors to see the beauty.

The town of Cody has wide roads, this was designed by Buffalo Bill because he was tired of having difficulties making turns with his wagons for his shows.  After dinner we found our reserved seats in the front row to watch Cody's Gun Fight.  It was a cute little show.
Above: Buffalo Bill
Below: Calamity Jane

The Cast

After the show, we went back to the hotel to relax and enjoy the lobby.  It was so wonderful to sit and relax and read while having a player piano play.  I truly loved spending time in Cody and time with Todd.
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  1. How much fun! I would LOVE to visit Cody!!! :) I love Wyoming….it's one of my very favorite states!


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