Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy List~ Dishes and Grades

Oh, I am so excited.  I have wanted some nice dishes for special occasions/holiday and to use on Sunday dinner when the children come over.  I have been searching and searching china, since I do not own any but I found something I like better.  It is not china by no means but I love the pattern and it will be durable with grandchildren too.
The Pioneer Woman Vintage Bloom 12-Piece Decorated Dinnerware Set -
 All pictures are from Wal-Mart's web site.

I am so loving Pioneer Woman's new line at Wal-Mart.  I have my list ready for both Christmas and my birthday.  If I find them on sale before then, I just might have to pick it up.  I want it all too! 
The Pioneer Woman Adeline Embossed 12-Ounce Footed Glass Goblets, Set of 4 - The Pioneer Women Flea Market Vintage Bloom 16 oz Coffee Cup, Set of 4 - The Pioneer Woman Flea Market Decorated Floral 2-Quart Pitcher - The Pioneer Woman Flea Market Decorated Sugar and Creamer with Salt and Pepper Shakers - The Pioneer Woman Flea Market Decorated Floral 6.4" Butter Dish -
I love the little butterfly, which is her symbol.
Even the silverware has a butterfly on them.
The Pioneer Woman Alex Marie 45-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set with Decorative Butterfly - The Pioneer Woman Adeline 10 oz Glass Sundae Cups, Set of 4 - Walmart.comThe Pioneer Woman Jadeite 10" Cake Stand with Glass Cover -

I plan to look for material to coordinate with for cloth napkins, maybe even make my own place mats too.  I am so inspired by her new line, so inspired I cleaned cupboards this weekend and purged to make room for my new dishes and kitchenware. 

I am so excited I received Christian's weekly report from school.  I am grateful our schools have the option where I can be emailed weekly for status reports.  As of today, six of his seven classes have reported grades and this school year is in the third week and he has all A's.  I am so thrilled.  I am making such a big deal of it with him too in hopes he will keep trying. 

What are you happy about this week?



  1. These ancient inspired pieces are awesome. Go Jolene!!!!!!!!!
    I love it but I need to move to your Country as we don't have Walmart in Portugal.
    I love the poppy theme and the little details like the butterfly. I can see why you're awestruck with them.
    Do indulge yourself Dear Friend! Well done for Christan too. He just have to put some effort and attitude and Mom's encouragement goes a long way in making him trust himself.
    A happy Post indeed.

  2. Look what I found:
    Made me think of you.
    Be Well.

  3. Congratulations to Christian! He's an amazing young man with many talents.

    Wow, I love that collection. Love the colors, especially the turquoise! You've been a very good girl so I'm sure Santa will come through for you. ;P

  4. Awesome! I love the glass pieces! And congrats on Christian's good report! Great work, both of you!


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