Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lily Lake

Todd and I took a little adventure this past Saturday.  Lily Lake is on the National Park Register of Historic Places.  This lake is between Amana and Middle Amana which was formed about 1880.  I have posted before about a couple of trips to the Amana Colonies before.   Do not mistake the Amana Colonies with the Amish because they are not one in the same.  The only similarities they have are they both are German ancestors.  The Amana Colonies is where a group of Germans settled who were escaping their homeland and religious persecution they were experiencing.  They formed a community and worked together and lived a communal life until the mid 1930's.  There are seven villages in the Amana Colonies.  You can read about our visit to the Amana Colonies by clicking here

This lake played an important role in the Amana Colonies community, it served a course for ice which was stored in the village ice houses, lilies were sold to tourists to provide additional income.  It was also a place for fishing and ice skating. 

It is truly a beautiful spot here in Iowa.  The lilies were huge!  The lake is surrounded by a little more than 3 mile trail and an additional trail which connects Amana and Middle Amana. 
The lake is a resting spot for birds who migrate.  Herons, Bald Eagles and other animals occupy this marsh, part lake habitat.
 I did not see any Bald Eagles but several Great Blue Heron
 Several different types of butterflies
 Above: A close up of one of the Great Blue Herons
Below: One of them in flight.
 Above: One of many types of ducks
Below: Red Winged Black Bird
Above: A beautiful type of moth
Below: One of several types of Dragon Flies 
Todd and I had a great time walking around the pond and the trail.  Listening to nature.  The frogs singing in one section, listening to them splashing into the pond, some of the larger ones jumped nearly 4 feet off the rock into the pond.  The different species of birds chirping, as well as modern noises of cars rushing by the highway when we were close to it. Nature was beautiful there too.

Lily lake is 35 minutes from Iowa City.


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  1. Very pretty! And such variety of flora and fauna! Looks like a beautiful place.


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