Friday, September 4, 2015

Literary Friday ~ Angels Watching Over Me


Angels Watching Over Me by Michael Phillips was a book I downloaded for my Nook which was free.  I had no idea it was the first book in a series.  To be honest, I did not even read what it was about. I thought, hey it's free and I love the title. It made me think of Amy Grant's song.  The book takes place at the end of the Civil War and in the south.  The main characters are two young Southern girls who are from entirely different worlds.
Katie was a daughter of a plantation owner, who was saved by her mother who quickly hid her in a room under the floor of the house from a gang who murdered her entire family and slaves on her plantation.  Mayme, the second girl was from a family who were slaves.  She just happened to avoid the massacre for the same gang because she was away from the home at the time.  Her entire family was murdered as well.  She ran from her plantation and found Katie who needed her.  The two girls became friends and took on the chores of the plantation to fool people Katie was not alone.  

This story is a beautiful story of a friendship between two girls who turn to God, during some very awful time during the south.  Their friendship blossoms and the two find their friendship becomes family, sisters.  The two girls take in another slave girl who was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.  The ending of the book left me hanging and I definitely wanted to read book two.  I felt this book was enjoyable but I found it hard to read when the author wrote in the way uneducated slaves would talk.  I definitely wanted to continue the series and will post about book two next Friday.  This was a quick read.

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  1. I would love this series, Jolene. :D I wonder if it's still available free. i'm going over to the Barnes & Noble website and see! I've been reading books on my iPad lately on the Nook app because I use it a lot during school.

    Thanks for supporting Literary Friday! :D

    We're at the lake watching football. Roll Tide! ;P


  2. That's pretty amazing that a book that was free and you knew nothing about turned out to be good! Yay!

  3. I haven't read much as I still have problems in concentrating in new themes, characters etc...
    So and since I like reading so much I'm reading books I already did again to revisit places and people I like.
    This seems a winner. I'll look it up.
    So glad it warmed your gentle and kind heart.
    Be Well. Be Happy!


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