Friday, September 11, 2015

Literary Friday ~ A Day To Pick Your Own Cotton

A Day To Pick Your Own Cotton  by Michael Phillips is book Two in the series.  The first book I posted last Friday Angels Watching Over Me you can click here to read about it.
This book picks up where book one left the reader.  I love it when books do this.  This book is more about courage than the first book was.  The books have many historical facts in it and has some very disturbing and probably accurate events.  How the freed slaves were treated.  The girls bring in a new young girl into their life and I enjoyed watching how this little girl turned from hating black slaves to loving Mayme.  The girls find so much love within one another and bond a special sisterhood.  They also have many tribulations to go through, like saving the plantation and Mayme's life.  Hold on to your seat because this book definitely gives the reader a ride with emotions and definitely sets up book three, which I have to purchase now. 
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  1. I tried to get the first one, but the sale or special was over. We're going to the library tomorrow, and I'm going to ask our wonderful librarian if she can get it for me. You seem to like this one even better than the first, and I love it when series continue to get better with each book! Thanks for linking-up, Sweetie!


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