Monday, September 14, 2015

Musical Monday ~ Beautiful

I watched part of this video which was plastered all over my Facebook feed last week.  I do not know where it came from but it really angered me to the max!  I just do not understand people, right down mean people.  If she thought it felt it was funny or true to the her opinion, then I feel sorry for her because she is so narrow minded.  I know, we have freedom of speech and yes, that is good but this was so mean and ugly.  I watched only half of the crap, yes that is right it was crap, and had enough.  I am not going to even post a link to the crap, but you can search it if you really want to support her cause, the comedian's name is Nicole Arbour.  The video basically, slams over weight people stating, anyone over weight who has any type of health issues it is all related to the fact they are fat.  Yes, that ugly three letter word F A T.  All one needs to do in her opinion is not over eat and exercise and this will help the over weight person's health issues. She believes people who are over weight and have disability is wrong because they are simply just using it as an excuse because they are fat.  She states "Fat shaming is not a thing.  Fat people made that up."

This just angers me.  I am over weight and it is not from over eating.  I do not move as much as I should to lose the weight but it is not because I have no "will" power or want to because trust me.  I WANT to. Most days I get up and I am in pain, stairs are so painful but it is not because I am over weight like this lady thinks.  It is because the meniscus is deteriorating, basically a form of arthritis and the only thing to help will be total knee replacements, in both knees.  This limits how much and what type of exercise I can do.  Simple walking is limited to flat surface and babe, Ms. Nicole, there are very few places on this earth which are flat. You obviously must have gone to medical school since you have the knowledge why someone is fat as you put and you must have double majored in social or psychology since you know what is true bullying and shaming, you must think fat people made up the fact that some people are over weight because of medical reasons or side effects from medication.

It has taken me a long time to love myself, no matter what my size, as well as accept myself.  I am starting to develop some self esteem finally.  I have such a wonderful husband who has been so supportive and nurturing to allow me to find myself and love myself.  Year 2015 has been exactly that learning to love myself.  This woman on a video feels it is fine to bash over weight people, well, Nicole, you are so wrong and I am not sorry you were fired from anti-bullying productions because what you did was bully plain and simple.  I am also refusing your narrow mind views bring me down.  Regardless of my size or other people's size, we are beautiful.  So this leads to my Musical Monday's choice of song, Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful".

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  1. Good for you Jolene!
    I'm with Todd Team - I like Jolene just as you are. I not even know what's overweight nowadays as the models are so thin that I don't believe that barring some serious disease any normal person, with a normal childhood, a normal adulthood and without those skinny genes could ever achieve.
    I don't like humor made up by bullying or making fun of people. Not funny at all. And even if someone isn't the subject of the present bashing it will be, there's no stop to the lack of respect that such humor means and translates.
    So not going to google the slime and yes, you are beautiful. All my friends are ;) ahahahahah

  2. Anyone who thinks overweight people are unhealthy clearly knows nothing about science, medicine, or fitness. Same goes with assuming slender or thin people are healthy. And also, fat is a thing we all have which is necessary to life, not a state of being. I'm glad of my fat- I'd look silly without my boobs!
    It's sad that today's technology makes it so easy for people to spread hate- which is the last thing we need more of- but you can take pride in the fact that you're smarter AND better than any ignorant haters.


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