Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Random Rambling Catch Up

I have been working hard on a post I am going to share about my niece's disease, this week is the awareness of the disease.  I confess...it is not ready yet.
I also have another post in the works but it will have to be posted sometime this week.
I have been working a lot of overtime and working on projects around the house.  A week ago Sunday my sisters and I went through my Dad's belongings.  I have shirts I wanted to make pillows for my sister's and boys.  I picked up some hankies to do something creative with as well.  The boys ended up with swords and a dagger. They were happy.

I have been struggling this week with my son.  His mood swings have been all over the place.  I am not a factor but I am the one he takes it out on.  His happiness relies on relationships I have come to the conclusion.  When a relationship is not going well he is self destructive. He did exactly that on Friday.  A girl was rude and he was mad at her so he took her coffee and poured it on her.  For now the girl does not want to press assault charges on him but we will know more by Monday.  He was suspended and will be going to a school for behavioral problem kids for now.  *sigh*  When will he ever learn? (No charges at this time.)

My Dad came to me in a dream Thursday night.  The only part of the dream I recall is my Dad, he had white light glowing from him, he was smiling and so happy.  He was laughing too.  I felt him happiness and it warmed my heart.

I have read some reviews on the dishes I want, disappointed I will not get them now.  The colors do not show true to the picture and they are breaking when washed in the dishwasher and they are supposed to be dishwasher safe, so back to the drawing board and I will look for something else now. 

I have updated one of the chairs in our small living room.  I added slip covers now they match the loveseat we have.  I also updated the throw pillow from one of my pins on Pinterest.  I am loving it

I have not read a book in two weeks.  I need to pick on up and get reading so I can post this Friday.

Now that you all are caught up with me, I have to go and catch up with you all. 

Happy National Coffee Day to all!



  1. So sorry to learn that your son is messing up :(. I really thought he had turned a corner in such reactions...
    So Glad Dad visited you for warmth and comfort. Yes you need to return o reading. You love it and is an amazing way to "live" others' lives and receive some inspiration.
    Hugging you close,

  2. So sorry about Noah. You're as scattered as I am right now! BTW Have you looked at Pier1? I bought some stoneware plates there on sale and they are tough as nails! They aren't pretty like the plate you liked, but they have pretty, too.

  3. I'm sorry that your family is experiencing such turmoil with your son, namely you.. I'm happy to see that you're being creative tho because I believe creativity is a much needed part of life, it helps up get through those "other" moments.. You're in my thoughts Jolene, and my prayers. Your dad coming to you = love. :) They're never very far from us..

  4. *hugs* I'm so sorry Christian's behavioral/acting out is going through such swings. Maybe at this new school he'll find good coping mechanisms to level out his impulses? I certainly hope so! And how lovely that your father visited you in dreams, and brought you some happiness and peace.


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