Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Goals

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It is a blog hop, so click on the Monthly Goal button and you will see those who play along post as well. Come join along!
Monthly Goals

  • Post about Vacation.
  • Complete two paintings  FAILURE.  Only one.  I swear I am going to complete this series in September.
  • Complete one set of Christmas ornaments   FAILURE.  I have no clue where August went.
  • Lose 10 pounds  FAILURE.  I did lose 2 pounds though and I am okay with it.  Seriously I am
  • Workout 6 times per week.  HA... EPIC FAILURE., no exercise at all except the walking the last Saturday of the month when we went to Lily Lake. 
  • Develop a routine for Christian (aka Noah) and have him sign a contract to follow itSUCCESS... Routine was developed.  I am following it.  He is not.  I absolutely hate mornings since school started.  We are week 2 now and every day is a fight to get him out the door.  Today I had it and we talked.  I told him I am done.  He is making me sick from the stress again and I am not allowing it.  I will get him up and when it is time to go if he is not ready and it is a point I have to begin to get ready I am.  He will not make me late for work. He will have to walk and pay the price for being late to school.  I am so over this. 
  • Work in flower gardens  SUCCESS... New gardens are even plotted for next year.
  • Prep for new flower beds  SUCCESS...See above.
  • Update my Garden Blog  FAILURE. Not one new post.
  • Can Tomatoes  FAILURE. I have no clue how many tomatoes are at the other garden.  Todd has not been there for two weeks.
  • Freeze Veggies from the garden  FAILURE. See above.
  • Decorate Guest Bedroom/Toy Room  SUCCESS For now.  The painting will be done in October and I will post.  I bought a new quilt cover for the new bed but now I have decided once my Mom is done with the quilt she is making, it will be on the guest bed.  I cannot wait for the quilt. 
  • Participate in the 30x12 Challenge hosted by Angie and Kenzie FAILURE.  Not one post.
  • Complete one book
  • Complete one set of ornaments
  • Complete my painting series and a painting for one of my nieces for Christmas.
  • Work on cleaning out my dresser and purging.
  • Can or Freeze Veggies (If they ever get picked!)
  • Participate in the Living History Farms Photography Class.

What type of goals do you have this month?



  1. I should participate in this. I'm terrible at reaching my goals. It sounds like you have a good set of goals for this month. I hope you pick your veggies soon.

  2. I like the idea of monthly goals, but I tend to over-commit, and then not accomplish as much which leads to frustration! *sadface* You did really well, my friend….
    But you need to get on the tomato canning! ;P

  3. I'm so sorry Christian is making things more frustrating by not sticking to it. :(
    But well done on a few of those small goals. You set a lot of them for August, and that month DID fly by like crazycakes. What are you doing for the ornaments? Best of luck with the canning!


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