Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wilson's Orchard 2015 Version

We had such a great time making this an annual tradition.  This year we went to Wilson's Orchard with Taj, Matthew, Emily, and Kamron.  Joshua and Ethan were working and Noah did not want to go.  Kera was visiting a friend.  This was our first time meeting Emily's boyfriend Kamron.  I really like him.  His sense of humor reminds me of Todd's. 

We all had lunch prior to going to the orchard.  Once we were at the orchard we waited for a tractor ride.  Taj played with their Applesaurus.

This was the first time I rode on the tractor ride and it was enjoyable.  We did not take the ride all the way around, we chose to get off near the Honey Crisp trees and the trees ready to be picked.
 You cannot see Todd, he is in front of Matthew (the one in red) picking the first apple.
Below: Kamron is lifting Taj to pick apples.
 Kamron is very good with Taj. I love seeing Emily so happy.  She deserves it.
Matthew was having a good time too.  I love the fact my oldest is so happy in life.  Emily and Matthew are only six months difference in age.  It seems this year is their year.  They both have found content and happiness in life. 
This little black cat came out of the pumpkin patch.  At first we thought he was adorable until I saw his catch.  He had a live mouse in his mouth.  The cat was very friendly and was rubbing up against our legs for attention, but I moved because I am terrified of mice.  I was afraid our new little friend was going to drop the mouse and the mouse would run towards me.  Eventually, the little creature died and the cat basked in the sun playing with his new little toy.
After the cat we crossed the bridge and found a snapping turtle in the creek.  Taj thought it was "AWESOME!"
After climbing up the steep hill we found the photo prop and had to take our yearly photo. This year it stars: Taj as the back, Emily as Johnny Appleseed, Kamron as the rabbit and Todd as the deer.
Taj came across a new photo prop and wanted his picture taken with it as well.  It tells the story of our tractor ride.  The tractor's name is Bessie and she took us over the creek to get away from the crocodile which lives in it.  *wink wink*
 We all enjoyed the afternoon and it was a beautiful day at the orchard.



  1. Wow, what a beautiful day Jolene! Yay you! I love days like that, just simple enjoyment.. And I love those Honey Crisps! They're my lit'l sister's favorite, mine are McIntosh, but Honey Crisps come in a close second. I wish we had apple orchards and cider mills here in Idaho but alas, we do not so I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for the pumpkin patches to open up! :D Great post Jolene, everyone looks so happy.

  2. Fun! I just bought my first bag of honey crisps for the season yesterday, but I got them at the grocery store. I should really check out one of the orchards around here.


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