Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wilton, Iowa

Our next Iowa Adventure took us to a town named Wilton.  We planned for months to go to this adorable old fashion candy soda shop.  Wilton Candy Kitchen was built in 1856 and is the oldest building in Wilton.  In 1910, Gus Nopoulus became the owner and kept the store up and running.  The little store is a famous shop and has been handed down to the next generation.  In 1993, the Wilton Candy Kitchen was inducted in to the National Register of Historic Places.   We wanted to include Taj with this one and any of our children who wanted to go.  The Wilton Candy Kitchen was not open as often as it used to be due to the owners age, he was 94.  We decided to try to take Taj in June, however the day we were going to go was the owner, George "Gus" Nopoulus' funeral.  We decided to try this past weekend only to find the store closed.  I have to admit we (Todd and I) were disappointed.  We have no clue if and when the store will reopen.  Over 150 years this little gem has been opened to the public.

Todd has been in Wilton before, years ago.  He played slow pitch softball there but never went to the Wilton Candy Kitchen.  Thankfully he was able to pull something out for Taj to be entertained.  He found a park were Taj and Todd had a lot of fun and played.


Wilton is 35 minutes from Iowa City.


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