Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Living History Farms ~ Photography Days

In September the Living History Farms sponsored a photography day.  Living History Farms is located in Urbandale, Iowa.  Todd and I plan to go again some time and actually see the farm.  I debated on creating this post as an Iowa Adventure but since we saw so little, I just did not feel it was justified.  Living History Farms is basically an interactive outdoor history farm.  I remember going when I was a child for field trips.  This was Todd's first time and he was wanting to see the entire farm.  The farm is on the National Historical Sites.  The farm teaches us what it was like to farm in 1700, 1850, and 1900. There is also a little town called Walnut Hill from 1875.  All of this will be on our next visit possibly next Summer.  The farm host many events including the one we went to Photography Day.  One of the large photography studios host this event with many photographers from all over the Nation assisting with teaching classes and there are camera vendors for what else but sale their newest cameras.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed with many of the classes.  I thought this was going to be a two day event but I was wrong.  It was one day of classes you chose and there were many many classes to pick from and the class last for 45 minutes and the second day was optional for you to see the farm and practice more what you learned.  I thought the classes I chose, for the most part, would be good classes and provide opportunities to let you practice what they were teaching you.  The only one that actually did this was the very first one Todd and I went to and it was a class on taking pictures of younger children.  I learned a lot from that class for example, did you know if you are taking a picture of someone on a sunny day and the person you are photographing is in the sun you should have your flash on?  This helps prevent the person being washed out and helps prevent the drastic shading.  Who knew?  Not me!  It is actually better to photograph people in somewhat shade.  Here are some of my practice shots.  The models were the teacher's children and boy were they adorable.
 Above: An example without the flash and direct sunlight.  
They are washed out where the sun is hitting and drastic shadows.
Below:  The teacher I enjoyed the most.
 Above: One of the best poses for a small child and parent, 
the child over the parent's shoulder with the parent 
turning back to look at the child.
Below: My favorite indoor shot of the little girl.  
I love the shadowing
One of the events I was looking forward to was watching the Old Timer's Baseball game.  I gave up one of my classes to watch the game.  It was amazing.  I have always loved baseball, it is actually my favorite sport and Todd enjoys it as well.  They played with the 1870's rules  Did you know back in this time the players did not use gloves.  Seriously, no gloves also a rule they had back then is if you caught the ball after one bounce on the ground the batter is out, it is consider a catch?
We did enjoy most of the classes, it was not what I expected but I loved the surrounding.  While we waited for our class to begin I took some pictures of some of the buildings.
 Above and Below: Pictures of the inside of the General Store
 Above: A picture of part of the town.
Below: A picture just outside the barn.
 Above and below are photos of inside the police station.
 The beautiful old church
 Inside the church they had a quilt in the making.
 Below is the stain glass inside the church.
The stain glass is a replica of the giant quilt
created and used as a backdrop to the 1979
visit and mass Pope John Paul II did during his visit
to United States and during the Centennial Birthday 
Living History Farms.

We enjoyed seeing the old buildings in the town.  I was able to cross this off of my 50 x 50 list.



  1. Sorry you were disappointed in the photography classes. You really do take the most fun road trips, though.....

    I never go anywhere...I need to get out more!

  2. I love the photo of the mom holding the child on her shoulder and the one below it too! I didn't know that about the sun and shadowing. We have one of these farms nearby. It is called Conner Prairie. What a treasure it is! I took a photography class there last year and really enjoyed it! We learned to use aps on the Iphone http://www.pattyantle.com/2014/10/iphonography-class.html

  3. Thank you for sharing those photos- this place looks wonderful! I love Living History museums (if I can, after retirement, I'd love to travel the country and visit them all). I had no idea about the flash- thanks for that tip! And baseball without a mit...I wonder how many broken fingers they all ended up with? Ouch.


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