Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Goals

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It is a blog hop, so click on the Monthly Goal button and you will see those who play along post as well. Come join along!
Monthly Goals

  • Complete one book  FAILED  I did not even open a book at all.
  • Complete one set of ornaments  FAILED  Nope not a one.
  • Complete my painting series and a painting for one of my nieces for Christmas.  FAILED  None at all!
  • Work on cleaning out my dresser and purging.  SUCCESS I am so happy I was able to complete this goal.  I love the feel of my dresser now, so organized and with clothing I wear not sizes that do not fit. 
  • Can or Freeze Veggies (If they ever get picked!)  FAILED  Gardening this year was an EPIC FAILURE and it was the gardeners.  Todd works such odd hours, they are not set one bit.  He does work most evenings where we do not have much time with one another but he has to come in during the day too at times for meetings or if the Supervisor is gone (He is the night supervisor who is below the supervisor.) he has to work the day shift.  All of this inconsistency and me working until 6:30 pm makes it so hard to get to the community garden so no canning at all this year, nor any freezing.  Next year we are going to concentrate only one garden in our back yard.
  • Participate in the Living History Farms Photography Class.  SUCCESS  This I did do.  I was a little disappointed and expected to be practicing what they were teaching, I guess what I envisioned and read was different. 

September was a blur.  I really do not know what I did except for working with Christian on getting him grounded again and on the right track.  I did not blog a lot at all.  Life just seems so chaotic for some odd reason.  Oh!  One thing I did do is marry my sister and her fiance'.  They will have a wedding ceremony this coming May but they are now married.
  • Complete one book.
  • Work on cleaning out my closet and purging.
  • Post about my Living History Farms day.
  • Go to the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival.
  • Make over guest bedroom/toy room.
  • Make over small hallway off the foyer.
  • Make throw pillows for the love seat.
  • Make throw pillow and pillow cases for the guest bed.
  • Make throw pillows for my boys and sisters from my Dad's shirts.
  • Complete one painting.
  • Begin to work out again.
  • Take 30 minutes each day to do my daily devotions.
What type of goals do you have this month?



  1. I'm exhausted just from reading your October Goals List, my friend.....
    But if anyone on the planet can manage it, it's you!

  2. So glad I found you through the link-up! I'm always looking for more gardener friends online. I'm definitely going to be following you and your posts from now on :) If it makes you feel better, I noticed between my garden and other friends/farmers that I know, we all had a rough growing season. My tomatoes didn't start producing until a few weeks ago, unheard of, but it was just too hot and dry this summer.

  3. I'd say marrying your sister counts as the best accomplished goal of the month! ;) If it's any consolation, we've utterly failed in yardwork, too. There's just never enough time. :( But as long as October treats us kindly, then everything is good.


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