Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkin Farm Fun

We took Taj to the Colony Pumpkin patch again this year.  It is a little country inside the city.  The patch is literally only 6 blocks away from where I work.   We had a lot of fun there.  First thing Taj wanted to do was play in the corn box.  Yep, that is right instead of sand they put corn in the large box.
  Taj playing with a new friend.
This year since the weather was great we decided to ride on the hay rack ride.  We had a lot of fun
 Below Taj petting one of the chickens.
 In North Liberty one can have chickens in the city.  
I believe Iowa City is the only city in the corridor who cannot
at this time.  They are working on it. 
One can have up to six chickens.
 I just love the bond these two have.
After the hay rack ride we did another first, we went to the Corn Cannon.  I think a certain grandson talked his Papa into 2 more extra purchases.  Again, I loved listening to them giggle.
 One of the targets.
The pumpkin patch has a large play area for children to play.  The first thing Taj wanted to play on was the giant web.
 Naturally the web shooter came out, it has to when one is on a web.
 Next we went to the tube slide where Taj played with his Papa over the other children.
 Taj was having so much fun he kept calling out to his Papa to come down too.
 Of course, Papa being the great Papa he is...down he went.
After running around having Papa be the monster it was time for the bouncy house.  Taj loves bouncy houses.
 As usual we had a hard time getting him out of the bouncy house.
On our way out of the Lil' Pumpkin Playground Taj and Papa tried their hand at the gutter races.
 You can see how much fun he was having.  He had no idea I was taking his picture.
 Finally after two and a half hours of fun it was time to find the perfect pumpkins but...
 I could not pass up one more photo opportunity. 
I believe we are planning on this being an annual tradition as long as we have someone interested.  There is a corn maze too, one can go at night with flashlights and there are night hay rack rides and bon fires too.  We will keep this in mind when grandchildren are too old for the fun in the playground. 

Do you have any annual fall traditions?



  1. OMG! Has Taj grown so much and what fun he has with his dear grandparents! Grandchildren are the best thing in life... we are going to have a new grandgirl in Miami this early November and we are very close to traveling there. I'm posting DD Alex's Baby Shower.
    Hugs dear Jolene.

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun. We took the kids to a big adventure farm last Saturday. But that farm was out in the country, not near a large city.


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