Monday, November 2, 2015


Halloween is a big thing at our house and we watched Taj on Halloween.  He told us several times through out the day and night how this was the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER! 
 Above:  Papa a.k.a Todd  carving the pumpkin.
Below: Taj helping me make some Halloween goodies.
While he created he asked me if I could be one of his best friends.
I just love this kid.
 We made Witch Hats, Broom Sticks, and Bones
 Above: I painted a pumpkin for Taj.  He was very happy with it.
Below: is the carved pumpkin.
 We scaled back on our yard a little.
We did not add the strobe lights or the fog machine this year.
We also did not add the scary music.
Taj was way too scared of what we did have.
 We did add two new additions.
Above the jumping spider.  Todd placed it by the door.
It jumps out and the eyes begin to glow and it makes this creepy noise.
Many people scared when it jumped at them.  
Below we added eyes to our bedroom window.
I love love love the eyes.
 Our costumes this year:

Ethan and Madi: Flynn Rider and Rapunzel
 Joshua and McKenzie plus some coworkers:
Final Fantasy Four.  Joshua is the one is purple and black sleeves.
McKenzie is in red.
 Kera: Catwoman
 Me: The Joker, Taj: Batman, and Todd: Robin
We also dress up at work and my team was People of Walmart.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Dancing With Stars.  I just love this season until one of my favorites was voted off last week.  Last week was the Halloween Theme and the this team dance NAILED it and my little favorite who was kicked off just shined in this number.

I hope you all had a great Halloween Too!



  1. Nick & Shakira nailed it, above! I love that whole routine. In fact, watching it made me miss watching DWTS! My brother and I used to watch it together, a decade ago when I first moved to Seattle.

    And speaking of loving things....your yard is awesome! So are those spooky treats. And Taj is such a sweetheart. I hope he always retains that sweet gooey center. :)

  2. wow what a special place you made it look and I am sure they all enjoyed being in the costumes, everyone looked amazing... happy days to treasure..x

  3. Your "people of Walmart" getup was awesome!


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