Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November Catch Up

I am sorry I have not been posting too much lately.  I have not had a lot of time for computer time.  I do read blogs and comment from time to time from my phone but actually sitting down at the computer has been limited.

2015 has been a year of finding myself and becoming healthier.  I do not know if I have succeed but I definitely have been trying.  I finally went to the doctor last week.  Yeah, I know It is barely November and I finally decide to go to the doctor.  I have been struggling with the weight all year.  After going to Yellowstone and walking and realizing how much I really am out of shape made me kick it in gear and try.  I am fighting depression, my feet swell by night, I get dizzy from time to time.  Once in a while my heart will race.  I find myself thirsty more often but do not drink more because I am urinating more.  On occasion my kidney will hurt as well.  My feet, mainly toes hurt and tingle like needles are poking me and after standing on them for awhile then it feels like someone is crushing my toes.  My muscles ache and my joints hurt.  When I sit at work and get up to help someone or go to the bathroom, I hurt so much I have to hold on to something for my first few steps.  This has been going on since August and yes, I finally went to the doctor.  Due to all of this, I have not felt like posting a whole lot.  I just do not want to post boo hoo things always or negative. 

Blood has been drawn and I go back December 3rd to talk about it it.  The day before I went I used Todd's glucose reader and took mine.  140 after fasting all night, this is high but my AC1 is 6.1 and averages 128, which is on the high end of pre-diabetes.  6.4 is medical diagnosed diabetic.  A lot of my symptoms are diabetic but not the muscle aching.  My eg levels for my kidney test is stage 2 of kidney damage.  This is not a total bad thing, according to what I read, they will have to just monitor it yearly and I should stay away from the ibuprofen which I use a lot for my knees.  They also tested for hypothyroidism.  This may explain why the muscles ache and the feet swelling but it came back on the low end of hypo close to normal.  I have no clue what is wrong with me, except the doctor did note in his letter we are going to discuss possibly putting me on Metformin which is for diabetes.  The biggest thing on the letter that hurt was seeing Morbid Obesity.  I expected the obesity but the morbid just killed me.

Okay, now we are caught up with the negative things.   I have had some fun things going on.  A couple of weekends ago, Taj and I made Pilgrim Hat Cookies.  It was very much like the Witch Hat Cookies, only we used yellow frosting and Rolo Candy instead of Hershey Kisses.  We had a lot of fun. 


This weekend is our Taj weekend and I plan on making TMNT ornaments.  Watch for a fun post with him.  Well I need to get back to prepping for Thanksgiving.  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. 



  1. I am so, so sorry you're dealing with chronic pain! It's a cycle (I and several other people are in it, too)- your body can't prioritize losing weight if it's having to focus so much on just survival and normal functioning. Also, it's difficult to exercise and build muscle tone if you're in pain. Pain is your body's signal that something is wrong, and that something is not "carrying around extra pounds", but clearly something deeper. I hope it isn't diabetes....have they checked for Addison's? Have they done a hormone panel?

  2. Take care of your health first and foremost. So happy you're taking this step, Jolene. Let me know what the doctor says on December 3rd!


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