Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November Goals

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Monthly Goals

  • Complete one book.  SUCCESS I am
  • Work on cleaning out my closet and purging. SUCCESS I am loving the closet.  I purged a lot of clothing and made one of the shelves an additional place to put my shoes. 
  • Post about my Living History Farms day. SUCCESS You can read about it by clicking here.
  • Go to the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival.  FAILED I was not feeling well the weekend of the festival.  We will definitely do it next year.  I have to because it is on my 50 x 50 list, PLUS I really want to go.
  • Make over guest bedroom/toy roomSUCCESS As soon as I pick up my quilt my Mom made I will post pictures of the room.  I cannot wait to see my finished quilt. 
  • Make over small hallway off the foyer. In Progress  This room was more difficult to do because we had Taj a little more than normal.  It will be completed this weekend and I will post pictures then. 
  • Make throw pillows for the love seat.  SUCCESS on some and others still needing me to get to. We picked up the throw blanket when we were in Yellowstone this past Summer.  I love the look of it on back of the love seat.  It makes me happy when I see it and remember the great vacation we had.
  • Make throw pillow and pillow cases for the guest bed.  In Progress  I have the material washed.  I just need to sew them.
  • Make throw pillows for my boys and sisters from my Dad's shirts.  In Progress  I have some of the pillows completed but not all.  I needed to pick up more shirts my Mom put aside for me.  I will post pictures once I am all done with them this month.  I even made an extra three, two for my nephews and one for my Grandma.
  • Complete one painting.  SUCCESS I had begun my seasonal painting but I had to start over.  When I went back to my project two of the canvas were destroyed.  I believe one of the cats got to them.  I was not a happy camper but I completed the background for the entire series and Spring is complete.
  • Begin to work out again.  In Progress  I did the last three days of the month.
  • Take 30 minutes each day to do my daily devotions.  In Progress I feel really good about this one, not only was I able to do better on this one I also began a program to read the Bible in one year another thing on my 50 x 50 list.
I have to be honest, time since vacation is just flying by.  I am trying so hard to make this year a healthier me but I have to admit, I am very blue.  There are days I just cry.  Noah Christian is wearing me down.  I know I am not alone, Todd feels this way too.  We wake up and fear what type of mood he is in.  Will he be able to handle the day or will we be dragged into school or worse the law because he has made bad choices?  I try to give my worries to the Lord and it seems to work at times but what is wearing me the most is how deeply disrespectful he is.  This Friday he will be 16 and I still have not allowed him to get his driving permit.  He is angry with me for this, but as I told him, I have to know he will be safe and make the right decisions when he is behind the wheel.  He feels he is above rules and does what he likes, how am I to know how safe he will be OR how safe others will be when it was just last month he was mad at a girl who would not get out of his seat and he chose to pour her coffee over her.  I just feel this is one battle I have to stand my ground.  With all of this turmoil, it is very hard for me to work out and stay on task.  November's month goals are important for the holidays and the family. 

  • Complete one book.
  • Plan a complete Thanksgiving Dinner for the family.
  • Participate with Black Friday Shopping.
  • Complete Christmas Gift paintings.
  • Begin to decorate for Christmas.
  • Celebrate three of our children's birthdays...yes that is right Ethan, Christian, and Emily have birthdays in November. Christian and Emily are consecutive days on top of it.
  • Make some Christmas ornaments with Taj.   
  • Complete the throw pillows from my Dad's shirts. 
  • Complete the small hallway off the foyer.

What type of goals do you have this month?


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  1. Go for it girl! You've still got 1/3 of November still.


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