Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy List~ Work

I LOVE where I work. The atmosphere is the very best. We definitely have a lot of fun.  My team was very late to start with the planning, we have had a lot of new hires and system problems and time just slipped by.
Polar Express (above won)
 We get into the holidays and teams compete with one another.  .
I have plans in the works for next year. Already.
This was so cool, our management and IT worked on this one together. They synchronized the lights and music with one another.

This is what I saw once I stepped off the elevator.
Friday it was announced that I will be my team's new Team Lead.  I know it will be a lot if work but I am excited. It will let management see my leadership abilities and get me a step closer to where I want to be with the company. I  so over the moon, finally at a college degree level job. I can cross that off m 55 x 55 list.


  1. Oh what's fun it's had! I love to compete with teams and friends such as you did. There's something wrong with our Internet lately, it's so slow so all your pics haven't open, so I will come later on and see if they have.
    In the meantime, thank you so much sweet friend for the kind and lovely comments on our new bundle of joy.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Congratulations on being named Team Lead, Jolene! That's awesome!


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