Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Every year we place our Hawkeye Ornament on the tree as well as the Cubs and the Bulls.  This year we added a Hawkeye stocking an Hawkeye Bear.  It has been a great year for sports for us in our house.  The Cubs had an outstanding season and our Iowa Hawkeye's Football as well.  It really angers me how people do not give the Hawkeye's the true credit they deserve.  They may not have star players but they are a star team and what is football but a group of players working together.  If you are a Hawkeye hater, keep hating because we are just going to Shake It Off!


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  1. The Hawkeyes have had a great season this year! BTW Shanley's boyfriend is in Iowa City right now! ;P


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