Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Year In Review

2015 was a year I wanted to dedicate to loving me.  It was definitely a much better year than 2014.  It was a year of healing, loving, accepting, and moving on.  Here is a little recap of 2015 for me.


I blogged less because I needed to heal.  I love blogging.  I love keeping in touch with my blogging family and friends, however I needed to take time away to heal too.  2014 was a rather tough one.  I was so ill at the beginning of the year.  Whooping Cough lasted more than 100 days.  I came down with it in November 2014 and was not feeling well enough to sleep in a bed until middle of March 2015.  This is a long time sleeping in a recliner.  I made sure to get my TDAP shot in September to avoid getting Whooping Cough.  I NEVER EVER EVER want that again!

I battled the weight all year.  I would loose then gain.  At one point I was down 30 pounds by the end of December I was down 22 pounds from the beginning of January.  I tried my best but felt horrible and achy.  I finally did what I should have maybe last Summer and went to the doctor.  He ended up putting me on Diabetic medicine and now I am having a little success again.  We will see.  The doctor's goal for me is to be down 15 more pounds in three months. 

Although my youngest has stressed me out some this year again, I have learned to try to shake it off as much as I can.  I have accepted for now we will not have a close relationship until he chooses.  I hate that but I cannot control his behavior.

I had a wonderful visit from my Dad in one of my dreams.  This dream and the Living Tribute early last year helped me move on with accepting his passing.  Please do not take that I do not miss him because I do, but I am at peace.  He is not hurting and I know from my dream he is in heaven and extremely happy.

I fell in love.  Yes, love with Printcess Mineral Make Up.

Swap Participation

I did participate in a couple of Blog Swaps this year hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps.

 Mug o' Comfort
 Books n' Blogger


2015 was such a big year for my son, Ethan.  In March he went to Spain for two weeks.  May, he had his Senior Prom.
I also went to the Living Tribute which helped me with my Dad's passing.   Later in May, Ethan graduated.  I am so proud of him.
A few days after Ethan's graduation, our loving Tilly had to be put down.  She would have been 22 years old if she would have made it another two months, she was definitely more than a cat or a pet to us all.  In August, Ethan moved out leaving only Christian a.k.a Noah.  Ethan moved in with Matthew (on his left) my oldest.  Joshua moved in with his girlfriend.  This past year the boys and the girls began to come over every Sunday where we will have dinner and most of the time play games with one another.  I love Sundays seeing them all.  Ethan also began college in August.  Emily found someone very special to her.  They moved in with one another as well.  I really like both Emily's and Joshua's significant other a lot.  


Due to Todd and I working opposite hours and rarely seeing one another until the weekend, we decided to try to have many close to home little get away and I began my little series name Iowa Adventures.  Once Winter is over we will begin this again. 
One of my favorite adventures
Another favorite. 

We also had our family vacation which turned into only Todd and I traveling West.  
We had the greatest time and it was the first time the two of us have been away from our children alone for more than two days.  We traveled to Yellowstone and had such a great time.  We found other beautiful landscapes on our way, like the Grand Tetons pictured below.


Paintings I completed or nearly completed in 2015.

 Above: The background to my Seasonal Paintings
Below: Spring the only one completed.


I blogged less as stated above and I read less.  I am hoping 2016 I will be able to improve on both. 

I love where I work and feel so appreciated.  I could not have improved on me as much or heal as much as I have if I was not working at such a wonderful place and have such a supportive husband and friends.

I hope you all had a great year and I hope 2016 will be even better for us all.


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  1. I'm sure the weight roller coaster was entirely from illness. And it sounds like you're in a better place now to not just heal, but thrive! If it helps, my mom and I had a very tense relationship until I was in my late 20s, but now we're very close. I think the act of navigating life will prime all of your kids to have a more meaningful relationship with you. But especially the youngest (I'm the youngest in my family, too) because there's a lot of trying to pave it our own way involved. And that usually means taking the hardest route.
    Printcess loves you, too! :D I've really enjoyed getting to see you wearing my shades, and keeping you in mind when I dream up new colors.
    I hope you and Todd can continue the vacations, too...what a lovely way to court your spouse! :)


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