Monday, January 11, 2016

Book & A Cuppa Swap Sign Up

I love blogging and the blogging world has so much to enjoy, one of these are the blog swaps.  Chaotic Goddess Swaps is a blog site where one can participate in exactly that blog swaps.  Typically there is a theme and you are teamed up with another blogger and most of the time you get to know this person and then purchase goodies for them.  I love getting to know other people and form friendships.  Today is the last day of their swap called A Book and Mug Blogger Swap.

It is combining my favorite swaps... Book & A Cuppa Swap.  I was so excited to see this theme and cannot wait to see who I am teamed up with.  I have so many ideas in my head for mugs and hope whomever I am teamed up with the ideas will work for them.  If not I will hold off until I am matched with someone I can send them too.

I am so super excited and this is the perfect season for both a nice new mug to enjoy warm drinks and cozy up to a new adventure.


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