Saturday, January 2, 2016

December's Happy List~ Christmas

I was so into Christmas this year.  The spirit was missing for me the past two years, two years ago realizing it was going to be the last with Dad and last year the first without him.  Due to the healing and the wonderful dream, a gift from my Dad that he is in heaven and a deep happy, I was able to feel the spirit again this year.  You know, love and giving.  I mean Christmas is about God giving us his son as a baby and what a loving gift Jesus is.  I wanted to give to everyone this year.  I kept my tradition of making Christmas Candy even after finding out I am now diabetic.
 Above: Holiday Hug Pretzels.  I also made Almond Bark Pretzels.
Below: Buckeye Candy
 Above: M&M Truffles
Below: Peanut Butter Fudge.  I also made Chocolate Fudge 
but it did not turn out and I had to toss it.
Tiger Candy
 Above: Homemade Sugar Christmas Cookies.
All recipes are linked in my recipe tabs except the Sugar Christmas Cookies
and the M&M Truffles.  I will add those later this month.

I took advantage of the last Sunday before Christmas and the children all helped decorate the cookies.  Our children had a good time and made it a competition some what for creativity.  I loved it!
 We had Nemo.  They took a snowman and placed it on it's side.
Above: One of the snowmen had a gingerbread tattoo.
Below: The children's tribute to Sponge Bob Square Pants Characters.

The children were so happy to see the candy since last year there was none.

The house was decorated which they all love and Taj does too.  We (Todd and I) love having all the children pitch in to help decorate the tree.  I think this is our favorite thing about Christmas memories and being a family. 
Our Christmas Eve was different without Todd's Mom joining and three of his nieces and nephews not being with us but it was very enjoyable. No Drama and our children had a great time with one another.  This warmed my heart, no drama and pure enjoyment.  I love our family, they warm my heart.

Christmas day, we drove to Des Moines and spent it with my side of the family.  It was another wonderful day.  No Drama at the time but my poor Mom had it the next day from one of my sisters. I feel bad for her, she is so stressed from my sisters she feels she wants to move to Iowa City with me to get away from them, but she found the houses cost a lot more and decided to stay.  I finished the three paintings for my nieces for Christmas.  They really liked them.
I have to share my favorite Christmas gift.  Todd bought 16 serving of dinnerware from JcPenny.  They are Oneida and named "Amore"  I love them and love the fact they are named Love in Italian.  I had posted some time back how I wanted the Pioneer Woman's dinnerware but after the reviews I felt it would not meet my wants.  However, I did love her goblets.  I really wanted them to go with my new dinnerware for the special occasions.  My Mom had some similar but in an amber color we used for holidays.  I guess it is just a nostalgic thing for me.  I purchased a set of 12 for now with the money my Mom gave me for Christmas.
I absolutely love this setting.  I have never owned something so beautiful or elegant looking but still durable.  We used them for the first time two days after Christmas which was my birthday.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.



  1. What a beautiful post Jolene. Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. Gosh, I just love everything about this post. I especially love your paintings! And that dinnerware is absolutely beautiful. I'm happy your Christmas brought many smiles and I'm wishing the same for you for the New Year ahead. - Happy belated Birthday by the way. :)

  2. Starting by the last but not the least ;) I believe it's dishes year from our dear husbands. I received a holiday set I've been craving for years. He wouldn't get the hint. Last year he bought me the tea set of the same service. This year he bought me the dishes which I used on Christmas Eve and Day. So happy too with the gift. Makes me smile and I know it will for years to come.

    I love your paintings. You are so talented. Really are!

    I don't cook that much because kids are picky and don't like to over-indulge but like you say it's still nice to create the memories that will last a lifetime, whether decorating or baking or just being grateful for this Amazing Gift bestowed upon our Lives.

    So happy all was well. Sorry to read about your mother. Maybe time will soothe things and you will all celebrate other times stress free.

    Happy New Year Dear Jolene! May it be the year of Happiness and Joy.


  3. I'm so glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas! And I hope this means you're feeling better. :) Congrats on finishing those paintings- I love the Cardinal one!


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