Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Random Ramblings~ More Sports, Grandson, Winning

It seems I am at it again rambling randomly...


What a season so far for the state of Iowa in basketball.  Iowa has three Universities, yes three.  Most people know of only two, Iowa State (Cyclones) and University of Iowa (Hawkeyes) but we also have University of Northern Iowa (Panthers).  This year all three teams beat the number one team when they played the Iowa team.  November 21, 2015 University of Iowa beat North Carolina.  Next came University of Iowa on December 29, 2015 beating Michigan State.  Finally, Iowa State beat Oklahoma on January 19, 2016.  What a great feeling.  Could the state of Iowa be the graveyard for number one ranked teams?  ha ha ha...nah!  But our Hawkeyes are ranked number 3 right now too.

The Hawkeyes are great at wrestling and right now they are ranked 2nd.  I am in hopes maybe next year we can try to go to the NCAA wrestling tournament again.  I joined Todd several years ago and it was great!

The Hawkeyes are having a great year in sports!  Proud to be a Hawkeye here in Hawkeye Nation.


We had Taj this past weekend. It is always a pleasure to have him but it is also wearing on both Todd and I.  I still would not change it one bit.

Saturday we took him to a Jim Gill concert.  We arrived early and was in the front row which gave Taj plenty of room to dance around.  He made a new friend and cried when they had to depart from one another.

 Above: The boys playing on the floor before the concert
Below: They were sharing a share. 
(I purposely chose blurry pictures of his new friend
since I did not have permission to post his photo.)
Above was a picture of his last freeze pose
from the song in the video.
(Notice Taj towards the end telling me to stop recording him. ;P )
After the concert we walked up the street to an ice cream shop to buy a little more time for the two new friends.  It was so funny the two were saying good-bye and telling one another they can spend the night with each other.  Sadly we do not live in the same city.
Sunday was just fun and play at the house.  I love listening to Todd and Taj playing.


I am super excited to see the reaction to the person I was teamed up with in the Cup a Book Swap.  I was lucky to be paired up with Art@Home.  I had so much fun shopping for her.


I won a door prize at the Holiday Party...$50 gift certificate to Brush and Barrel.  Yay Me!
Above: I was ready to go and Christian just told me 
my hair looked like I stepped from the 80's.
Truth be told, it was closer to the 70's.
Below: Close up of my eye make.  I just love Printcess mineral make up.
I was wearing Manuscript all over, Sultry on the outer corners blended
with Direwolf in the center of the lid.



  1. You look - you ARE - beautiful :)
    YAY for Taj for making and enjoying friends so easily.
    Bless his generous soul.
    Take Care and Keep the Beautiful and Happy Mojo all the time. It suits you. It's good for you.

  2. You looked so pretty for your party! We love the Printcess eye makeup, too. I've been into the dragon scale lately. BTW big hair is making a comeback…just look at all the FoxNews and CNN news babes!

    Taj is such a ham! That video made me smile!


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