Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy List~ Happy Easter!

This past weekend was an emotional one.  I threw myself into East Dinner trying to keep my mind buys.  Saturday was my Dad's birthday.  Thursday night, I cried off and on between his birthday and watching shows about Jesus crucifixion.  I have always been emotional about it, how he suffered so much for my sins.  On my way to work I thought about how little sleep I had and how I have to get through this weekend and then there he was...

A red cardinal flew and landed high up on a light pole just a little ahead of me.  Now, this is something I have never seen before, sitting on a light pole.  Oh, I have seen birds on light poles such as Black Birds, Eagles, Sparrows, and Pigeons, but never have I seen a Cardinal.  I did find comfort and forged forward.

I completed our Easter Dinner Menu at work and then it was on.   Our menu was, Honey Glazed Carrots, Buttery Garlic Green Beans, Spiral Ham, Au gratin Potatoes ( I cheated, they were boxed, six boxes to be exact.), Snicker Bar Salad, Ambrosia Salad, Deviled Eggs, Macaroni Salad, and Macaroni and Cheese oh, and Dinner Rolls.  Dessert was a Lemonade Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.   I heard several times what a great meal it was.  Emily told me maybe five times how great it was and then posted it on Facebook.  Todd told me it was the best holiday meal he has ever had.  All the kids enjoyed it.  It must have been all the love I threw into it.

I forgot to take pictures of my Honey Glazed Carrots and Butter Garlic Green Beans but plan to add it to my recipe tab by the end of the week.  Next time I make them and there will be a next time, I plan to add a picture to the recipe.
The boys' favorite is Snicker Bar Salad.  It is a tradition to have at every holiday meal I make as well as every graduation so far.  You can find the recipe by clicking here and it is also in my recipe tab.
My Ambrosia Salad I will post later this week as well and add to my recipe tab.  I omitted the coconut because only three of us like coconut.  It was my favorite new dish I made.
Deviled Eggs are the girls' favorite.  I made two and a half dozen eggs which created 36 deviled eggs and we had only three left after dinner.  You can click here for my classic recipe or by going to my recipe tab.
Macaroni Salad was a big hit too.  Todd and Emily just loved it (I have to admit it was very good.) and requested I make it again.  I will add it as well to my recipe tab by the end of the week.  I substituted elbow macaroni with this darling Easter Pasta.
I had about 1/3 of the bag left and just made simple macaroni and cheese for Taj and some of my picky eaters.

My Dinner Rolls were the only thing that was a let down.  I lost track of time some while finishing the carrots and green beans and they over cooked on the bottom.  We just cut the bottoms off and then they were perfectly fine.
Dessert was a new one for us, Lemonade Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.  I added the Peeps around the cake as a last minute idea.  Todd ran to the store Easter and picked up the Peeps for me.  It was a huge hit.  Yes, I will post the recipe by Friday for this one too.

We set up two long tables in our small living room and we were all able to eat together in one room.  I think this is something I want to do every holiday or birthday dinner.  Typically on Sunday we have one table in the small living room and the kitchen table.  I used our kitchen table as the buffet this time.  Everyone enjoyed having dinner together in one room.  Another comment I heard from all.  *smile and warmth filled my heart*

After dinner, several of the kids and Todd went outside and hid about 18 eggs for Taj.  We held off because it rained earlier in the day.  He was so excited when it was time to go searching.
Towards the end of the hunt, Taj looked up at Todd and said, "Papa!  You are magic!  The eggs appear next to you just about every time!"  Hmm... I wondered how that happened?  ha ha ha

It was a good Easter after all.  I had all of the boys, all of the girls, a couple of significant others, our grandson all under one roof, enjoying our dinner, enjoying one another.  I had a God who sent HIS son to die on the cross for me.  I had a wonderful husband who woke up early and assisted me with cutting fruit for our fruit salads.  I spoke to my Mom on the phone.  Life is Good my friends, I may deal with crud from time to time, (It always seems like the day after.  Noah is on suicide watch again, we have to hide the knives.) but all in all Life is Good!

I hope you all had a Happy Easter.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy List ~ St Patrick's Day

Here's my Happy List from last week:

Last Thursday was St. Patrick's Day.  I have always enjoyed St. Patrick's Day.  I do have Irish in me, I think that is why I have always loved it.  *FUN TRUE FACT-  I am related to the last Great King of Ireland.  I am sure I have no blue blood in me at all any longer but it is kind of a neat thing to know.*

Where I work ( I seriously love working here!) celebrates St Patrick's Day BIG.  Each team decorates and competes.  My team has a disadvantage, we are the largest team and it is hard to decorate a larger space to make such an impact of team photos.  It is from the team photo where we all vote who wins the traveling trophy.  Yep, we try to win for bragging rights.

Below is just a few pictures of our team, we were the St Joseph Shenaniganators.  My client's name is St Joseph Heritage Health.    
Above:  all four of our corners we had a pillar of rainbow balloons with a black pot under the balloons and a little leprechaun and gold coins attached to the black pot.  We also had shamrocks and leprechauns hanging through out our area.
Below:  I am sitting all decked out in green.  Yes, my earrings light up.

Above:  I bought Derby hats for all of us to wear for our team pictures.  Danijel was away for a few days.  He sits across from me and Saturday was his birthday.  We typically decorate one another cubes for birthdays.  I took all of our balloons and loaded his cube.  He has absolutely no idea the mess he is coming into.  (He he he)
Below: One of our banners.
This is the first time we had the entire team participate with decorating and actually dressing up.  I loved it.  Below is our team's picture (minus 6 who were out and we are hiring 4 more as part time.)
 We did not win.  The team next to us did.  They were the Luck of the Iowish.
Later that day we had a Minute to Win It.  Occasionally we all get up from our desk and some participate most watch Minute to Win It.  This time the theme was from March Madness.   It was a dunking contest, the person with the most style won.  Here is our founder, he is our fearless leader.
We really do work hard and have a lot of fun!


Friday, March 18, 2016

Literary Friday ~ Punished


This is an interesting romance story, one with so many different creatures such as Werewolves, Banshees, and Ghost to name a few. The author did a great job with details I felt like I could actually see the descriptions of items in the book and felt like I was actually in New Orleans.  I loved one of the main characters Raphael Saar.  He is a Werewolf who was being punished for a crime he actually did not commit.  I loved how he looked out for humans and wanted to keep them safe, especially Mary Newman, the other main character in this first book series. I enjoyed how the author set up Raphael's pack.  I enjoyed getting to know each of them and hope each book of her series we get to know each one a little more. 

While Mary was away to college, her parents were murdered and she was told her sister was there but survived.  Mary left and took care of her sister Lelia, wanting the best for her sister she took a job from a  horrible person who provided a guest house is an area Mary thought was safe.   Her employer also provided opportunities for her sister's dancing as well.  Mary did not feel comfortable at all working where she did but she needed money.  Little did she know how her world was going to change.  I found Mary as a strong and intelligent woman but she was too naive.  I found Lelia, her sister very interesting and wanted to know more about her situation the author gave a little peak to the readers.  I do not want to give it away because when I read it I was like...What?   It was such a surprise.

I typically do not read steamy love stories.   I did feel uncomfortable reading this book at the gym while walking on the treadmill.  I mean here I am reading a hot love scene on the treadmill sweating while my husband is on the treadmill next to me.  Nope, this is a book to read at home, at least that is my opinion.   I did purchase her second book and will begin reading it in a month or two.  I really do like how the author gives such details about the surroundings, she clearly paints a picture with her words.

What have you been reading? I am linking this up to Art@Home's linky party. You can click on the icon below to find other book reviews or if you write book reviews you are welcome to join in on the party and add your review for others to enjoy.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Random Rambling~Happy List...Employee Appreciation Day, Music, Hair


I have posted before how much I love working where I do.  March 4th was National Employee Appreciation Day and our company goes big.  All levels of management and quality of assurance (I'm the lowest level of management.) help with this big event.  Our theme this year was "Going To The Movies".  This being my first year on the planning board, I was placed on two different committees (something I will not do next year, two was a lot.)   We had six rooms where everyone was to go to for activities.  Our rooms were "Harry Potter", "The Breakfast Club", "Office Space", "Star Wars", "Pitch Perfect", and "Sandlot".  Each room was to have activities and decorated as the theme of the movie.  We had management (all higher than myself) and quality assurance greet people at the doors by kazoos, noise makers, balloons and cheers.  We also had goodie bag given to every employee.  Then there was food, since it was movie theme our budget was lowered so it was just popcorn, drinks, candy, chips and salsa.  We decorated by printing off posters of each movie.  I made a film reel, film projector silhouette, and one of those movie markers to hang in both break rooms.  My room was "Star Wars".  I bought a book where I could make paper airships from different "Star Wars" movies.
We played "Destroy the Death Star"  I drew two large Death Star Ships for each corn hole board.
We also played "Defend Your Force"  one person stood inside a hula hoop wearing a Star Wars mask and defending their force with a light saber.  The other person stood in one of the other hoops and threw Styrofoam balls in the hoop.  This person tried to get as many balls inside the hoop.  The defender could not hit the ball out if it landed.  It seemed like a pretty popular game.  We heard from many people how fun it was.
We also played a couple of movies during this time.  Not only did we have activities, there was an internet Movie Trivia where people who wanted to work still could play and we had a raffle.  Everyone was given 25% reduction in production as well.


I have been really into Heidi Feek lately.  (I feel so sad for her family right now with the recent loss of her Step-Mom.)  I just love her style of music.
 I could not chose which one I liked the most so I posted both.
 It sort of reminds me of my Dad somewhat, he loved Westerns and Country Music.


I have had a little success with weight loss.  I can see it in my face.  I also did something outside my comfort zone last weekend.  I spent money on me, well my hair.  I had it highlighted and lowlighted.  I now have golden blonde highlights, golden auburn lowlights, with sprinkled silver gray and then my brown.  I absolutely love it!
Above:  Outdoor light
Below: Indoor light


Monday, March 7, 2016

March Goals

It is a blog hop, so click on the Monthly Goal button and you will see those who play along post as well. Come join along!

The Monthly Goals: a Goals Linky Party at My So-Called Chaos and A Peek at Karen's World

  • Draw a template for my Mom.  I am drawing Woody Woodpecker's head on a piece of fabric a yard in length.  She plans to use this as a template for a quilt she is making.  SUCCESS ~ I wish I had a picture of it.  It turned out nice.
  • Seriously complete the Seasonal Painting.  FAILED ~ No excuses.
  • Read a book  SUCCESS~  Punished by Samantha Stone, watch for a post this Friday.  I will be linking up to Art@Home's party Literary Friday.
  • Keep working on getting healthier.  IN PROGRESS
  • Finalize destination for all inclusive resort trip.  POSTPONED~  We have it narrowed down to two places but we had an unexpected expense which took most of our savings.  Our trip will not be in December but will be in February or March of 2017.  We plan to go to Riviera Maya or Jamaica
  • Get a way for Valentine's Day  SUCCESS~ It was in town but it was fun.  I posted about it in one of the few post I did in February, but I missed this.  It had a wonderful library.
Simply Beautiful and Inviting.  Two huge book shelves
Of Iowa authors in this little library.
  • Celebrate my Mom's birthday.  SUCCESS~ Todd, Christian, and I took her to lunch and spent some time with her.  I also visited my Grandmother, who is 92.  I truly enjoyed my time with these two women.
  • Complete the pillow cases and order the headboard for the spare bed.  FAILED
  • Reveal the make over the spare bedroom/toy room. POSTPONED~The headboard is on back order.
February was a whirl wind.  I have been coming home exhausted.  Christian has been testing.  I think his depression may be seasonal some.  I noticed he has harder times in Fall and Spring, especially Spring.  Work has been keeping me so busy.  I think I finally may have a little break, since I have all of my excel sheets finally created.

  • Help plan Employee Appreciation Day (This is late with posting)
  • Read a book
  • Complete two pillow cases.
  • Complete one painting.
  • Spring Clean
  • Finish planning for our Summer Vacation
  • Get into a new routine for blogging and reading blogs since I am unable to do so now at my lunch time.
  • Celebrate Easter.  This will be challenging this year.  Easter falls on my Dad's birthday.  It will be his second birthday in heaven. (Which marks two weeks to the day will be his 2nd year of leaving us to go to heaven.)  March 27-April 9 are hard on me.  I am in hopes this year will be a little easier since I survived the first year and he has been coming to me in dreams.  They are peaceful dreams, he is happy, so happy.  The last one was a day after I posted how I miss his laugh.  My dream he visited me, I did not see him anywhere but I heard him laughing and laughing.  He had a wonderful laugh.
  • Meet with a personal trainer.  He is going to help me with my diet as well as a routine for my knees.  My goal is to walk next year in the Relay For Life on a team in honor of my Dad. 
What type of goals do you have this month?


He Loves Me