Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy List~ Happy Easter!

This past weekend was an emotional one.  I threw myself into East Dinner trying to keep my mind buys.  Saturday was my Dad's birthday.  Thursday night, I cried off and on between his birthday and watching shows about Jesus crucifixion.  I have always been emotional about it, how he suffered so much for my sins.  On my way to work I thought about how little sleep I had and how I have to get through this weekend and then there he was...

A red cardinal flew and landed high up on a light pole just a little ahead of me.  Now, this is something I have never seen before, sitting on a light pole.  Oh, I have seen birds on light poles such as Black Birds, Eagles, Sparrows, and Pigeons, but never have I seen a Cardinal.  I did find comfort and forged forward.

I completed our Easter Dinner Menu at work and then it was on.   Our menu was, Honey Glazed Carrots, Buttery Garlic Green Beans, Spiral Ham, Au gratin Potatoes ( I cheated, they were boxed, six boxes to be exact.), Snicker Bar Salad, Ambrosia Salad, Deviled Eggs, Macaroni Salad, and Macaroni and Cheese oh, and Dinner Rolls.  Dessert was a Lemonade Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.   I heard several times what a great meal it was.  Emily told me maybe five times how great it was and then posted it on Facebook.  Todd told me it was the best holiday meal he has ever had.  All the kids enjoyed it.  It must have been all the love I threw into it.

I forgot to take pictures of my Honey Glazed Carrots and Butter Garlic Green Beans but plan to add it to my recipe tab by the end of the week.  Next time I make them and there will be a next time, I plan to add a picture to the recipe.
The boys' favorite is Snicker Bar Salad.  It is a tradition to have at every holiday meal I make as well as every graduation so far.  You can find the recipe by clicking here and it is also in my recipe tab.
My Ambrosia Salad I will post later this week as well and add to my recipe tab.  I omitted the coconut because only three of us like coconut.  It was my favorite new dish I made.
Deviled Eggs are the girls' favorite.  I made two and a half dozen eggs which created 36 deviled eggs and we had only three left after dinner.  You can click here for my classic recipe or by going to my recipe tab.
Macaroni Salad was a big hit too.  Todd and Emily just loved it (I have to admit it was very good.) and requested I make it again.  I will add it as well to my recipe tab by the end of the week.  I substituted elbow macaroni with this darling Easter Pasta.
I had about 1/3 of the bag left and just made simple macaroni and cheese for Taj and some of my picky eaters.

My Dinner Rolls were the only thing that was a let down.  I lost track of time some while finishing the carrots and green beans and they over cooked on the bottom.  We just cut the bottoms off and then they were perfectly fine.
Dessert was a new one for us, Lemonade Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.  I added the Peeps around the cake as a last minute idea.  Todd ran to the store Easter and picked up the Peeps for me.  It was a huge hit.  Yes, I will post the recipe by Friday for this one too.

We set up two long tables in our small living room and we were all able to eat together in one room.  I think this is something I want to do every holiday or birthday dinner.  Typically on Sunday we have one table in the small living room and the kitchen table.  I used our kitchen table as the buffet this time.  Everyone enjoyed having dinner together in one room.  Another comment I heard from all.  *smile and warmth filled my heart*

After dinner, several of the kids and Todd went outside and hid about 18 eggs for Taj.  We held off because it rained earlier in the day.  He was so excited when it was time to go searching.
Towards the end of the hunt, Taj looked up at Todd and said, "Papa!  You are magic!  The eggs appear next to you just about every time!"  Hmm... I wondered how that happened?  ha ha ha

It was a good Easter after all.  I had all of the boys, all of the girls, a couple of significant others, our grandson all under one roof, enjoying our dinner, enjoying one another.  I had a God who sent HIS son to die on the cross for me.  I had a wonderful husband who woke up early and assisted me with cutting fruit for our fruit salads.  I spoke to my Mom on the phone.  Life is Good my friends, I may deal with crud from time to time, (It always seems like the day after.  Noah is on suicide watch again, we have to hide the knives.) but all in all Life is Good!

I hope you all had a Happy Easter.



  1. When you're organizing such a lovely gathering and party you're entitled to cry for those who are no longer among you. I'm sure from Heaven he was having a blast and feeling very proud for his little Jolene.
    I ask The Risen that He Lends you his strength to overcome all that is thrown your way. Such a lovely soul needs a strong backup and Who's best, right?
    Happy Easter!

  2. Your Easter dinner looks wonderful! Snicker salad? That's gotta be awesome! And the Peeps cake was so cute! I love deviled eggs and macaroni salad, oh, and dinner rolls. You've made me hungry! I look forward to having a youngster to hide Easter eggs for in the next 4 or 5 years.

  3. Sorry to hear about Noah. I just don't know what to say other than I'll remember y'all in my prayers.

    Snickers salad.....I'm dying here. I need to try it, just to have an excuse to buy snickers!

    Taj is so cute.....Papa is like magic, cute!


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