Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy List ~ St Patrick's Day

Here's my Happy List from last week:

Last Thursday was St. Patrick's Day.  I have always enjoyed St. Patrick's Day.  I do have Irish in me, I think that is why I have always loved it.  *FUN TRUE FACT-  I am related to the last Great King of Ireland.  I am sure I have no blue blood in me at all any longer but it is kind of a neat thing to know.*

Where I work ( I seriously love working here!) celebrates St Patrick's Day BIG.  Each team decorates and competes.  My team has a disadvantage, we are the largest team and it is hard to decorate a larger space to make such an impact of team photos.  It is from the team photo where we all vote who wins the traveling trophy.  Yep, we try to win for bragging rights.

Below is just a few pictures of our team, we were the St Joseph Shenaniganators.  My client's name is St Joseph Heritage Health.    
Above:  all four of our corners we had a pillar of rainbow balloons with a black pot under the balloons and a little leprechaun and gold coins attached to the black pot.  We also had shamrocks and leprechauns hanging through out our area.
Below:  I am sitting all decked out in green.  Yes, my earrings light up.

Above:  I bought Derby hats for all of us to wear for our team pictures.  Danijel was away for a few days.  He sits across from me and Saturday was his birthday.  We typically decorate one another cubes for birthdays.  I took all of our balloons and loaded his cube.  He has absolutely no idea the mess he is coming into.  (He he he)
Below: One of our banners.
This is the first time we had the entire team participate with decorating and actually dressing up.  I loved it.  Below is our team's picture (minus 6 who were out and we are hiring 4 more as part time.)
 We did not win.  The team next to us did.  They were the Luck of the Iowish.
Later that day we had a Minute to Win It.  Occasionally we all get up from our desk and some participate most watch Minute to Win It.  This time the theme was from March Madness.   It was a dunking contest, the person with the most style won.  Here is our founder, he is our fearless leader.
We really do work hard and have a lot of fun!


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  1. Hope you had a great St. Pat's, it does look like you did, though.
    I did a table for all my Irish friends, so a belated happy St. Patty's.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful up coming Easter Sunday.


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