Friday, March 18, 2016

Literary Friday ~ Punished


This is an interesting romance story, one with so many different creatures such as Werewolves, Banshees, and Ghost to name a few. The author did a great job with details I felt like I could actually see the descriptions of items in the book and felt like I was actually in New Orleans.  I loved one of the main characters Raphael Saar.  He is a Werewolf who was being punished for a crime he actually did not commit.  I loved how he looked out for humans and wanted to keep them safe, especially Mary Newman, the other main character in this first book series. I enjoyed how the author set up Raphael's pack.  I enjoyed getting to know each of them and hope each book of her series we get to know each one a little more. 

While Mary was away to college, her parents were murdered and she was told her sister was there but survived.  Mary left and took care of her sister Lelia, wanting the best for her sister she took a job from a  horrible person who provided a guest house is an area Mary thought was safe.   Her employer also provided opportunities for her sister's dancing as well.  Mary did not feel comfortable at all working where she did but she needed money.  Little did she know how her world was going to change.  I found Mary as a strong and intelligent woman but she was too naive.  I found Lelia, her sister very interesting and wanted to know more about her situation the author gave a little peak to the readers.  I do not want to give it away because when I read it I was like...What?   It was such a surprise.

I typically do not read steamy love stories.   I did feel uncomfortable reading this book at the gym while walking on the treadmill.  I mean here I am reading a hot love scene on the treadmill sweating while my husband is on the treadmill next to me.  Nope, this is a book to read at home, at least that is my opinion.   I did purchase her second book and will begin reading it in a month or two.  I really do like how the author gives such details about the surroundings, she clearly paints a picture with her words.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughtful review! ;P
    I appreciate your linking-up to Literary Friday, and you'd better be careful or a little author I know might ask you to be one of her beta readers!


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