Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Random Rambling~Happy List...Employee Appreciation Day, Music, Hair


I have posted before how much I love working where I do.  March 4th was National Employee Appreciation Day and our company goes big.  All levels of management and quality of assurance (I'm the lowest level of management.) help with this big event.  Our theme this year was "Going To The Movies".  This being my first year on the planning board, I was placed on two different committees (something I will not do next year, two was a lot.)   We had six rooms where everyone was to go to for activities.  Our rooms were "Harry Potter", "The Breakfast Club", "Office Space", "Star Wars", "Pitch Perfect", and "Sandlot".  Each room was to have activities and decorated as the theme of the movie.  We had management (all higher than myself) and quality assurance greet people at the doors by kazoos, noise makers, balloons and cheers.  We also had goodie bag given to every employee.  Then there was food, since it was movie theme our budget was lowered so it was just popcorn, drinks, candy, chips and salsa.  We decorated by printing off posters of each movie.  I made a film reel, film projector silhouette, and one of those movie markers to hang in both break rooms.  My room was "Star Wars".  I bought a book where I could make paper airships from different "Star Wars" movies.
We played "Destroy the Death Star"  I drew two large Death Star Ships for each corn hole board.
We also played "Defend Your Force"  one person stood inside a hula hoop wearing a Star Wars mask and defending their force with a light saber.  The other person stood in one of the other hoops and threw Styrofoam balls in the hoop.  This person tried to get as many balls inside the hoop.  The defender could not hit the ball out if it landed.  It seemed like a pretty popular game.  We heard from many people how fun it was.
We also played a couple of movies during this time.  Not only did we have activities, there was an internet Movie Trivia where people who wanted to work still could play and we had a raffle.  Everyone was given 25% reduction in production as well.


I have been really into Heidi Feek lately.  (I feel so sad for her family right now with the recent loss of her Step-Mom.)  I just love her style of music.
 I could not chose which one I liked the most so I posted both.
 It sort of reminds me of my Dad somewhat, he loved Westerns and Country Music.


I have had a little success with weight loss.  I can see it in my face.  I also did something outside my comfort zone last weekend.  I spent money on me, well my hair.  I had it highlighted and lowlighted.  I now have golden blonde highlights, golden auburn lowlights, with sprinkled silver gray and then my brown.  I absolutely love it!
Above:  Outdoor light
Below: Indoor light



  1. Love the hair! Beautiful as ever :)

  2. Your hair looks pretty! It looks like your office is a fun place to work. :) Great Happy List! :)

  3. You're so cute! Love your hair and it's good to hear you splurged on yourself. Have you tried Dr. Phil's 20/20 diet? It's really worked for me. I am feeling fabulous right now after 2 months of it. I've been watching the Joey and Rory story but didn't know the daughter sang too! I'll have to check her out! Looks like you work in a fun office!

  4. First off, I LOVE that your work dedicated an entire day to such fun activities. And the themes! Did you choose the Star Wars room, or were you assigned to it? I think any of those rooms would've been a blast to work in. I also love that you made paper models of the ships! :D

    Also, congrats on the weight loss! I always see it in my face first, too. I think we just notice it there first- I'd bet you've lost inches and haven't realized it yet.
    The hair looks great! Highlights and lowlights really brighten the face, and what a perfect look for Spring.

  5. Happy suits you. Go Jolene! So well deserved...


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