Monday, April 11, 2016

April Goals

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The Monthly Goals: a Goals Linky Party at My So-Called Chaos and A Peek at Karen's World

  • Help plan Employee Appreciation Day (This is late with posting)  SUCCESS  It was a lot of fun.  You can read about here.
  • Read a book  FAILED  Nope, nearly half of one though.
  • Complete two pillow cases.  FAILED ... NOPE
  • Complete one painting.  FAILED ... NOPE
  • Spring Clean  SUCCESS Yes, and we painted our Master Bedroom too!
  • Finish planning for our Summer Vacation  IN PROGRESS Still working on it.
  • Get into a new routine for blogging and reading blogs since I am unable to do so now at my lunch time.  IN PROGRESS 
  • Celebrate Easter.  This will be challenging this year.  Easter falls on my Dad's birthday.  It will be his second birthday in heaven. (Which marks two weeks to the day will be his 2nd year of leaving us to go to heaven.)  March 27-April 9 are hard on me.  I am in hopes this year will be a little easier since I survived the first year and he has been coming to me in dreams.  They are peaceful dreams, he is happy, so happy.  The last one was a day after I posted how I miss his laugh.  My dream he visited me, I did not see him anywhere but I heard him laughing and laughing.  He had a wonderful laugh.   SUCCESS.  It was a very good Easter with our children.  You can read about it here.
  • Meet with a personal trainer.  He is going to help me with my diet as well as a routine for my knees.  My goal is to walk next year in the Relay For Life on a team in honor of my Dad. FAILED   On hold, too many car repairs popped up.
End of March and beginning April was a tough one.  I am posting this a little late and I am also going to take it a little easy on myself this month.

  • Breathe... Get past April 9th.  
  • Step up and cover for my Supervisor while she is out on vacation. 
  • Finish My Book
  • Celebrate with Joint Emergency Communication Center at the state conference.
  • Finish those darn pillow cases!
  • Work in the yard, clean up after Winter

What type of goals do you have this month?



  1. Came in from Angel Stew blog. Sure sound like your April been quite busy.
    My hubby and I been doing all the spring thing, and our big thing is to have a yard sale this month.
    Stop in and have a cup of coffee, when you fine the time

  2. I think you did a great job completing many of March's goals plus painting your bedroom. Good luck with April! :)


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