Saturday, April 30, 2016

April's Happy List ~Flowers, Ice Cream, & Vacation

**I know I have been posting less these days.  I am trying to post once a week at least.  So many things have been going on in my life and my blog is about me and my life, a place to share and a place to enjoy friends I have made through blogging.  My life has had many demanding events the past two years and I chose to not post them as often because I do not want my blog to be that type of blog.  I might post a tad from time to time about it but I do not want it to be the focus and well...Noah has been a focus of my time the past two years.  When he is good, life is great at home.  When he is acting up, well sometimes it is a struggle...but I will constantly look for the silver lining in life because I will not let it get me down entirely.  I know I am losing readership/followers, for that I am sorry but I have to be me.  With that said on to my post.**

April has such beauty here in Iowa.  After many months of Winter, cold and typically snow, trees without green leaves, grass without the beautiful green and lack of flowers...April is definitely life.   April has a double meaning for me anymore though, it may have a day I hate and it may have some depressing weeks at the beginning but I love the way the earth wakes up in April.  Here are a few pictures of my flowers this year in my front yard.  They definitely make me happy.

My lilacs are just beginning to get flower buds and soon will be in full bloom.  I have three bushes and one will bloom in early May, the other mid May, and the last late May to early June.  I am in the look for the brand which re-blooms through out.  I just love lilacs.

Christian (Noah) has a job at an ice cream shop.  It is so cute.  We went for ice cream at the end of his shift.

Making plans for vacation is also making me happy right now.  I love to get away.  This year will be so low key compared to last year, which I am so missing Yellowstone.  I think my heart is still there.  I am also excited we have chosen our destination for Summer 2017...The Grand Canyon.  We also have set plans on traveling through out Iowa and seeing things again this Summer since the weather is getting better as well.  We plan to go to Door County in Wisconsin and see some Cubs games.  I am super excited to share those with you all, some of my bucket list will be crossed off this year for sure.



  1. I LOVE all of those beautiful flowers Jolene! I especially love that they're so close to the house and you can enjoy them from the porch or the windows. Now that I live in the city I have to go in search of flowers. Lilacs are one of my favorites. I love how they smell but am bummed that if you cut them and bring them in they die so quickly and I've yet to find a candle or a room freshener that smells JUST LIKE lilacs, even tho on the packaging it says that it does. It doesn't. - Your vacation plans sound awesome. I've been to the Grand Canyon. It's amazing. I look forward those pics! Be well my friend. Prayers and hugs from Idaho. <3

  2. Thank you Mimi. Lilacs are one of my favorite scents here on earth, surely Heaven has to have them. We cannot wait for Summer 2017 to go to the Grand Canyon. I think our hearts are in the West for sure.

  3. Thank you Mimi. Lilacs are one of my favorite scents here on earth, surely Heaven has to have them. We cannot wait for Summer 2017 to go to the Grand Canyon. I think our hearts are in the West for sure.

  4. I'm totally with you Jolene, with the not posting as frequently as I once did. I'm evaluating what is important and what I should be posting, but for now I'm focusing more on real life and less on the blog.
    I love seeing all your flowers and robins. Aren't they just the cutest bird. How can you feel mad or angry when you see a big bird with a red chest hoping through your yard. And Christian is working at an ice cream shop? Awesome! We have one here in town and when they have Espresso Oreo in the rotation, any thoughts of healthy eating are out of my head. Sounds like you have a happy summer to look forward to. Be well. :)


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