Monday, May 2, 2016

May Goals

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  • Breathe... Get past April 9th. SUCCESS I believe I am going to have to pull out my tools for coping with depression when it comes to this day.   My husband was great and kept me busy, like buying a new car for me (us).
  • Step up and cover for my Supervisor while she is out on vacation. SUCCESS This was very stressful.  I cannot believe how stressful her job is with all the people missing where I work.   She truly deserved her vacation.  What I love best was how upper management noticed how well I did and rewarded me with one hour vacation time and my Supervisor and Client Service Representative was very impressed they bought me a gift card, all this for just doing my job.
  • Finish My Book  FAILED I only read 30 pages in April.
  • Celebrate with Joint Emergency Communication Center at the state conference. SUCCESS I enjoyed the banquet and Todd was so nervous because he wanted everything to go right for those who won.   I am proud of my husband for nominating the crew who worked the night of the shooting at the mall.  They all deserved to be recognized, even my husband who came into work on his day off to assist his crew.  
  • Finish those darn pillow cases! IN PROGRESS  I completed two of the three for the small living room, none for the spare bedroom.  No way was I going to work on the ones I am making out of my Dad's old shirts during the month of April.
  • Work in the yard, clean up after Winter SUCCESS  Yay!   My flowers are blooming too.  I cannot wait to plant flowers in my planters.
April was rough at the beginning but I found my way back.  I am setting up a routine for myself:  health, enjoyment, and blogging.   Working on the diabetes and now blood pressure.  I am suppose to have less stress.  As long as I am Noah's Mom, I do not see less stress.  April was very rough with being his Mom.  He acted out again and we had to lock all the knifes up in the closet again.  He is turning a corner, well basically did once he was hired at the ice cream shop.  I am in hopes this will help him out with his break up. I have a lot planned for May, but a lot of fun things. 

  • Celebrate Matthew's Birthday
  • Celebrate Joshua's Birthday
  • Celebrate my cousin's daughter graduating
  • Celebrate Mother's Day
  • Go to the Tulip Festival (weather permitting)
  • Complete the pillow cases for the spare bedroom
  • Make-over the corner stand
  • Complete one Pinterest project
  • Complete one book.
  • Work out 5 out of the 7 days in the gym.
  • Complete Seasonal Paintings.
  • Finalize vacation plans
  • Plan trips around Iowa. 
  • Plant more flowers and complete the Butterfly garden.
  • Plant my flowers in my planters. 
  • Work on re-organizing my blog. 

What type of goals do you have this month?


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  1. I'm sorry April was a rough month for you, but I'm glad you're on your way back and I hope May is very good!


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