Saturday, May 21, 2016

Random Ramblings - What's Happening In My World

Well May has been very busy and I cannot believe it is nearly over.  Here is what I have been up to...


Matthew has been trying to get all dental work and eye check up done before the end of the month.  He turned 26 this month and after this month he will no longer be on my dental and vision plan.  His employer does not offer them.  At the beginning of the month he had all four of his wisdom teeth pulled and ended up with dry socket.  Poor kid was in a lot of pain for two weeks.

Joshua well he had a set back.  He and his girlfriend met where he works at the blood plasma center.  Joshua has been working there for three years now.  She was promoted about a year ago and they were told it will not be an issue with him working there at the level of management he is.  His manager put in a request to promote Joshua only for corporate to tell him one of them needs to find another job because there is an interest of conflict.  The two discussed it and decided Joshua would be the one to find a new job.  They gave him seven weeks to find one, they gave an extra two weeks because last week he drove up to South Dakota with another person to open a brand new center.  This is so heart breaking for Joshua he was so happy about the promotion.

Ethan transferred to a Hy-Vee store closer to his place.  He is getting more hours and I think he is much happier.  He was stressing about money.  He has never had his savings as low as it is and it bothers him tremendously.

Noah er... Christian is doing better.  I am nearly scared to post this because whenever I do he takes a giant step backwards.  My only problems with him at this time is getting up in the morning.  In the past two weeks he has been to school on time only one day each week.  He loves his job and I think this is what turned him around. 

Kera's relationship did not work out, sadly it is too late for her to stay in the apartment she is currently in so the end of the month she will be moving into a place with a co-worker temporarily while she finds a new place.  Taj was enrolled in Kindergarten for next Fall.  I cannot believe he is going to start school next year.

Emily and her boyfriend found a house to rent.  They are so excited because it has a fenced in backyard for her dog.  They will be moving in August.  I really like her boyfriend and I am so happy she has found happiness.

We celebrated Matthew's birthday the week after Mother's Day.  We will have to wait until after Joshua gets back to celebrate his.  He left the day after his birthday.


I finally made it back to the doctor.  I was only a month over due.  I did not lose the 15 pounds like he wanted PLUS he is concerned about my blood pressure now too.  It has been high since I had Whooping Cough we just thought it was because I was sick.  My heart does race from time to time.  He wanted me to monitor it more and watch my sodium intake as well as carbohydrates and he will see me in July to see how I have been doing.

Todd had his appointment as well.  He is only over a year late.  Todd was told the same thing with his blood pressure so we now have a monitor to check it every morning and night.  Todd was also told he has to get his diabetes in check because the doctor feels he should be on insulin.  He sees the doctor in a month.  The doctor told him he will not make him and he might not need it permanently.  Todd has been very good since his appointment which is helping me as well.  His sugar levels have gone from 176 to 119-122 in just two weeks of eating right.  I am very proud of him.

I have found I absolutely do not know how to cook any more.  It is so hard to find something which is low sodium and carbohydrates.  What I started last week is buying vegetables and then I chop them all up the moment I put all the groceries away.  I make salads in a mason jar.  I found three Romaine Lettuce and a bag of fresh Kale along with the other vegetables I chop up makes 12 salads in a mason jar.
This is what we have for lunch every day.  We will add cooked chicken every now and then as well.  Dinner basically has been chicken breast and a salad.  Once in a while we will share a baked potato as well.


I have been working a lot of overtime this week.  I am not sure how long they will keep approving for me to have the overtime, but I did finish one very large report today.  I am so glad it is complete.  This coming week we had a charity donation... where we could donate to Red Nose Day, purchase a shirt for another charity and donate an extra $10 to have comfy days each day.  I think it will be my best $20 donation EVER!!!  I am ready for some comfy clothes at work.


I have completed three books I need to post about.  I have begun to work out again.  Our gardening season is just beginning.  Speaking of that.  I need to get back outdoors to take care of some more planting. 

Thank you everyone for being patient with my posting less while I get my life in order. Until next time...


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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! Congrats on making healthy changes and way to go Todd on getting those blood sugars down!


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