Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Decorating ~ Pumpkin Style

Fall has finally arrived and I realized, I do not have a lot of Fall decorations.  I want to add a little bit of pumpkins here and there throughout the house.  I mean pumpkins are for both Halloween and Thanksgiving, right?  Here are a few I pinned on great ol' Pinterest that I am in love with.

Pumpkins can be made from recycled materials..

 Old Sweaters that may have holes can turn into these cute little pumpkins.

 Below: Pumpkins made from old shirts

Pumpkins can be made from fabric...

Above: I thought this one was adorable made from burlap and twine.
 Below: Heartwarming pumpkins made from chenille

Below:  This pumpkin is made up from several fabric yo-yos.  

This beach feeling pumpkin is made from linen.

Pumpkins made from string...
 Above: Crochet Pumpkin
Below: String Pumpkin
Pumpkins made from paper...

This pumpkin is made from card stock paper and scrap booking paper.

 Pumpkins made from metal...

This pumpkin is made up of canning jar lids.

Pumpkins made from glass...

Below are pumpkins made from glass and mercury.


 I have always wanted to own some glass and mercury pumpkins.

I am excited to see what I come up with.  You all will have to check back in the next month or so to see.

Do you decorate your house with Fall items?



  1. I love the pumpkins, and I have a collection of glass pumpkins. I've been buying one per year for the past 15 or so years.

    I collect them because I do not sew, therefore I rarely have fabric scraps around. I love some of these projects, though. I could probably make the one with the craft paper because I have plenty of that!

  2. I love all of those pumpkin ideas. Of course the ones made of fabric would be my first go to because I have TONS of fabric but I love those glass pumpkins too. :)


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