Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Confessional ~ Spirit Week 2016

Come join the fun over at Aubrey's High-Heeled Love. She host this little party every Friday.
It has been a long time since I have participated with Friday Confessional.  I cannot think of a better way to round up the week so here it goes...

I confess...

I did not even get onto our computer at all this week because I was busy with planning my wardrobe for the next day.  This week is Iowa's Homecoming and my employer ( I just love where I work!) has a Spirit Week during Homecoming week and I had so much fun.  Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Celebrity Look Alike Day, Wednesday was Rivalry Day, Thursday was Throw Back Prom Day, and Friday was Black and Gold Hawkeye's Day.  They also pick a Homecoming Spirit Week King and Queen. 

I confess...

Here was my Monday get up.  I even made the ballot to vote best pajama day.  I did not win, but that was fine because I had fun!

I confess...

I was not planning on doing anything on Celebrity Look Alike Day because I could not think of anyone I look like.  I had a couple of people tell me to go as Melissa McCarthy because of my hair color and size.  I did not find that nice at all.  One of my co-workers say I should come as Dolly with my blonde wig.  I loved that idea, so here is how I looked all day at work on Tuesday.   I even sang Dolly's "Jolene" song.   I made people laugh and again I made the ballot and did not win again.

I confess...

Now Wednesday I was excited for.  As soon as they told us what was going on for Spirit Week, I knew what I was going to do for Wednesday's Rivalry Day.  With Kameron working on my team, I knew he would go along with me.  This is what I looked like all day at work on Wednesday.  Once again we were on the ballot but we did not win.  We had a lot of fun though.

I confess...

I was really disappointed I could not find a dress for Thursday.  I did not want to spend a lot of money and I could not find any dresses my size at the consignment shop.  I never even thought about going as a dude.  The winners were just that one of the guys dressed like a girl and one of the girls dressed like a guy.  Hmm... something to think about for next year.  Friday, I did not go all out but I did wear my black and gold Hawkeye gear.

I confess...

We did such a great job dressing up all week our committee could not choose just one King and one Queen, they made several of us winners.  This time, I was one of the winners.  I was one of Homecoming Spirit Week's Queen 2016.   It was such a great week at work.

I confess...

Something has happened to my blog.  All of my favorite blogs I follow came up missing this week.  I am so upset because some of my favorites, I do not have their new paths to.  I am going to have to go hunting and finding them now.

What did you do this week?



  1. Wow! What a cool thing for your place of employment to do! You look GREAT and it looks like so much fun!! - I confess. I did not have *that* much fun this past week but I have enjoyed just relaxing and having a couple of days to do only what I wanted to do, which, of course for me was sewing. Loved this post and loved that you had such a great time. Congratulations on being one of the "chosen." :D

    1. I am going to take some days off later this month from work just to craft and sew projects for Christmas. I am so excited. I am going to be the only person in the house during school hours too. I am going to love the quiet.

      I love where I work. They do fun things and appreciate the employees who work hard. Thanks for taking the time to read my post it means a lot Mimi.

  2. What a fun week you had! I love the photos. I think you should have won on Monday and Tuesday! I have done chores most of the week. UGH!


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