Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Vacation 2016 ~ Day Two ~ Green Bay

Day two, we drove from Milwaukee to Green Bay.  I think this was one of Todd's favorite days next to watching the Cubs play on our vacation.  We are not Green Bay Packers fans but Lambeau Field is historical and one of the older stadiums.  The stadium is also very impressive and learning the history and how they made it profitable is amazing.  We took a tour there as well as visited the hall of fame museum.  I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to.

We toured the entire stadium from top to bottom. There are private company conference rooms and so many box seats with a wide range of what is offered to the visitors some are very extravagant.

Part of our tour was going through the tunnel the players go through on game day. There was a recording what it sounds like screaming and cheering fans while we walked through it and entered the field. We were able to walk the sidelines.

After the tour, we found our hotel.  After we checked in we to our hotel room, we went to dinner.  On our way, we had to stop and wait for a boat to cross under the bridge. We have many times sat in traffic waiting for a train but this was our first for a boat. It was sort of neat.

We ate at a restaurant named "Titletown" it had great atmosphere and was a restaurant that used to be a train depot.  While we waited we walked around the area, the restaurant was very busy.  We love to just walk around and take in the surroundings.   Below, I took selfie of us everyday before we headed out on our journey.



  1. That's cool that you got to tour the stadium. I would've liked that too. - The town I lived in when I lived in Michigan had one of those bridges and it went up every half hour during the warm weather. So crazy, and of course that was the main road to get out of town and to anywhere else. I thought it was super cool when I first moved there but after living there a while it just became annoying. I never got tired of watching the pirate ships come thru tho. :)

    1. Oh, the pirate ships would have been cool!


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