Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Vacation 2016 ~ Day 4 Door County Day 2

Our second Day in Door County was on our anniversary.  Todd knew he wanted for us to take a trolley tour and they have several to book.  We both decided one the Lighthouse Tour and this would basically be a full day.  We went to the home office for the Trolley service located in Egg Harbor.

The first lighthouse was in Peninsula State Park where we were staying.  Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.  This little lighthouse is also a museum.  Our tour guide shared personal stories about the keepers and family.  This lighthouse was manned from 1868-1926.  What I learned it was not only the keeper's job to keep the light going but the entire family.  Very strict with rules and regulations, much like military. 

We did get to go up to the top of this lighthouse.  We had to climb spiral stairs.  I have to admit I was terrified going down, the stairs were so close together.  I cannot imagine carrying the oil up those stairs at night.

The second lighthouse we stopped at was Bailey's Harbor.  This lighthouse is what they called range lights where two buildings were built close to one another one with a red light and the other with a white light.  I learned the sailors would line up the two lights to be able to figure the range while entering this harbor.  We were met by a guide who dressed like a light keeper and told the story about this lighthouse which is now part of the Ridges Sanctuary, which is a nature preserve.



We had lunch at Top Deck Restaurant at Gordon Lodge.  Oh, this lodge was absolutely beautiful and I would love to stay there the next time we go up.  Very beautiful, one night would be heaven at this lodge.  Our lunch was top notch and probably my favorite meal while we were there and the view was breath taking.  The only picture from the Gordon Lodge was after lunch when we went outside to the patio.  I wish I took more pictures of this lodge. 

Our final lighthouse was also in Bailey's Bay on a little island named Cana Island.  This visit is only if the causeway is accessible and I was very happy it was.  Only one of the people in the group had the opportunity to go to the top 92 stairs because of the time restrictions and openings available when we arrived.  

It was a perfect day. After our tour we then drove to several little shops and sampled many different goodies made there in Door County. We also picked up goodies for family members. One of my favorite was the Cherry Salsa, a little sweet and spicy which made the best salsa I have ever had.

We stayed at our campsite for the last night. This time we did put the tote inside the Rav4 in hopes of getting a full night sleep.  Mother Nature had a different plans though, once again Todd woke up, this time to the sound of thunder in the distance.  We had just enough time to put the remaining things inside the Rav4, rearranged the air mattress and belongings inside the tent to make sure nothing was touching the tent walls in order to stay dry, and to close the side windows. It poured down for awhile and for me it was a peaceful sleep with the rain hitting the tent for Todd not so much.  We stayed dried and that is what counted.
 Our Daily Selfie on our Anniversary

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