Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vacation 2016 ~ Day 5 Door County Day 3

Our final day in Door County Todd had planned another romantic sunset event. We were going to go on a sunset tour.  We thought we would explore the county and shop at the little stores some more.  We first broke down our campsite after breakfast and drove to the little towns to do more shopping. We also wanted to go to a cheese factory and a winery. As we were driving we received a call from the boat tour agency telling us it was supposed to storm during our sunset cruise and wanted to know if it is okay to bump us up and take a tall ship cruise instead.  A tall ship cruise at sunset is what we originally wanted but the tall ship was not going to be available that day so we went with a different tour agency, we said that would be fine and turned the Rav4 around and headed for the little town for our tour.  Shortly after we arrived the heavens broke open and it started to down pour. Our cruise was cancelled, no boat ride at all was in the cards.  Poor Todd was so upset, that was two romantic sunset adventures planned and both cancelled due to weather. We drive off to more shopping. We found our cheese factory and winery.

 We saw this little restaurant once we parked the Rav4 at the bay for our boat tour.
These little goats are on the roof top resting and feeding on the grass.

We headed to Sturgis Bay where we had reservations at a motel.  We drove and it looked like we were going to a barge docking when we finally found our motel.  As we pulled into the parking lot Todd said this was the only hotel he had some reservations on and asked if we wanted to try our luck and find another one.  I thought let's go in and take a look. We were so glad we did.  This is the motel which I will post tomorrow about.
After we checked in we settled in for a bit we decided to go to dinner.  We drove across the bridge and ate at a local restaurant (Very good and beautiful view of the bay) then went on a walk along the boardwalk until the stormy clouds started to appear.  We took our hint and headed for the motel room.

 Below: Our selfie for the day.


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