Monday, October 3, 2016

Vacation 2016 ~ Day One and Day Seven: Go Cubs Go

This year's vacation was just Todd and I again.  I think this may be more the norm now that we are in this phase in our life.  We had some special things planned and one was our Day One and Day Seven of our vacation.  It has been awhile since we have gone to see the Cubs play ball and we wanted to make a point to go this year.  Day One was the two of us traveling to Milwaukee, WI and catching a game where the Cubs were playing the Brewers.  This is not our first time to this stadium, we actually went the day after we were married for the first time along with three of our children and one of their friends and two nephews.  We originally planned on all six of the children but the older three were unable to make it due to work commitments.  Miller Park is also known as the Second Wrigley Field mainly because the stadiums are rather close, in the same division and you will see just as many as Cub fans as you do Brewers there.  We had great seats.  I did not have to zoom too much on my photos at all.

Above: Pitcher, John Lackey  (no zoom used at all)
 Below is my boy, Bryant.  Mmm...he is definitely my eye candy for this team.

 Above: One of Todd's boys, Anthony  Rizzo
Below:  Jason Heyward, he just came back the night before.

We were so happy Miller Stadium is a dome where they can close the roof.  The beginning of the game they had the roof open but during the game they had to close the roof because of the rain.  Now this is a good thing to keep the game going but there is also no air conditioning so it does get rather warm.  I think this should have been a hint what our vacation was going to be like...rain.  Unfortunately, our Cubbies did not win this night.  Brewers won 6 to 1.
We did have a good time but the drive back to the hotel was awful.  The rain was so heavy and it was so hard to see. 

Our last day of our vacation we were in Chicago and caught a game at Wrigley Field.  The Cubs were playing the Marlins.  Our seats were probably the farthest away from home plate off of the home side but we enjoyed it.  We actually were very lucky because we were a couple of rows back from where the roof covered which kept the rain off of us some while we watched the game.  Yep, it started to rain while we were watching the game, so much there was a rain delay after the bottom of the seventh inning.  
 Before the game and rain came in.
Before the game we did a little more Cubs Shopping.  Todd picked up two more new shirts and I picked up a new one as well.  I also took some pictures of  some new statues added since we were there last.

We did bring our rain ponchos we picked up for last year in case it rained while we were at Yellowstone.  All I can say is it kept me dry from the rain but it was insulated and was hot.  Todd chose to not wear his because he felt if his Cubs were getting wet then he could too.  At the bottom of the seventh the score was 11-0 and the Cubs were winning.  We thought we would leave and try to beat the heavy traffic catching the tram but I think everyone thought the same thing.  The game had an hour and half delay by the time we were at the hotel the game resumed and the final was 12-1.  Yay Cubbies! 
 Above is a picture I took several years ago.  

We love the Cubs and Todd has been a huge fan since he was a child.  The Cubs has always been one of my two favorite teams but they definitely have made it to my favorite team and the other is now my second favorite team over the past twelve years.  Living where I do, nearly all of the Cubs games are on television for us to watch except when they are the black out games and living only 3-4 hours away from Chicago we can make it a day trip to go to a game so I get the chance to watch more games and get to know the players names which makes it a lot of fun.  Todd has been on a waiting list for nearly six years for season tickets, he was actually offered the last two years but he did not have enough friends willing to go in with him.  We entered a chance to purchase play off tickets and Todd was chosen to have a chance last Wednesday, unfortunately he had no luck with picking up a single game ticket for the two of us.  He was able to pick up one ticket but he did not feel right leaving me behind.  I sort of feel bad for him and wished he was not so thoughtful and purchased it.  Either way if the Cub do not go to the World Series this year, in my book they definitely are the best team and deserve it.  



  1. Yay for adult vacation time. :D You guys look like you were having a great time. I too am a Cubs fan but only because of my dad who was born n' raised in Chi Town. :) I'm a Michigan girl so the Tigers have my heart. It was always a house divided on game days when Det and Chicago - ANY team - played each other. Used to be every Thanksgiving the Bears played the Lions. :)

  2. Oh, I bet at Thanksgiving time! I hope they make it all the way this year. They have had a heck of a season regardless.


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