Monday, October 24, 2016

Dyersville ~ Field Of Dreams

Build it and they will come!   Is this heaven?  No, it's Iowa!   Oh, how I loved that movie the first time I watched it in 1989.  I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this movie.  My oldest nephew played a baseball tournament on that field.  I was so upset that I was not able to go and watch him play.  I have always wanted to go and see the field.

Our second week of vacation we basically moved our children to their new apartments, yes, children.  Joshua moved to Florida Mid-July and then Emily (The only one we did not help because she did not ask us and we were in Chicago.) moved the 30th, Matthew and Ethan moved out on the 31st of July.  August 1st we moved them to the 3rd Floor of their apartment as well as Kera and Taj to the 3rd floor of their apartment.  We did a lot of helping our second week but the last Friday of that second week we did a little adventure in Iowa.  Todd knew how much I was to see the Field of Dreams so he suggested we make one of our stops there.  I was ready to go...

It was not very hard to find at all and I loved every minute of being there.  It was everything I expected and the only thing that would have topped it was actually watching a ball game played there.
Below: The farm house, the added the fence around the house after the movie.

Below: The swing actually was added for the movie and this swing is not the one used in the movie.  The one in the movie was a neighbor's swing.

I had to take a picture of Todd going into the field and with him coming out.
This was a must for me to do.  I know I am so corny but that is just me.

Below: Our selfie at the Field of Dreams.  
It was rather hard to get the sign in between us.

As I stated above, going to the Field of Dreams has always been a wish of mine and now I can cross off one of the items in my 55 x 55 and Bucket List.

Field of Dreams is 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Iowa City.



  1. What a great movie....I love that y'all visit the site of the movie set. I'd love to do that!!!


  2. Wow. I thought that was all studio. How cool you got to go there! I love that movie.


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