Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Confessional

It is that time of week, time for confessions.

I confess...

I have already voted!  I am not going to go into who I voted for because I do not want this to be a political debate.  Let us just say I really am not fond of either candidates but I did vote for one.  I did not want to waste my vote. 
I confess...

I am rethinking dinnerware by the Pioneer Woman.  I just love so many of her products.  I picked up these already.

 Above:  My tea kettle and second purchase after the goblets I bought at Christmas time.
The spoon rest I bought next with her fall mixing bowls (not pictured)  (Also please excuse the burners, I need to replace them from canning.)
Below: This is a spice drawer but I am using it for our different flavors of tea bags.  
I just love this little drawers.
 Below: I purchased these last Friday.  I love these measuring spoons.  
How adorable are they?

 My latest purchase is her lunch tote.  
I needed a new one and it comes with the drinking bottle above.  
I absolutely love this bag!

I confess...

I just found out she is going to have a Christmas Line now too.  Oh no Todd!  You better watch out!

I confess...

I have been so stressed watching the Cubs play.  Go Cubbies Go!

I confess...

I had an interview for a QA Analyst again.  I should hear today if I got it or not.  I am praying I get it this time. 

What do you have to confess this week?


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  1. Hahaha I feel your pain....with both the election and the Cubbies! I'll vote on election day because the precinct is in our neighborhood so it's very convenient.

    The spice drawers are so precious...that's one of the cutest things I've seen for kitchens in a long time!

    Enjoy your weekend!



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