Thursday, October 20, 2016

Vaction 2016 ~ Day 5 Music Holiday Motel

As promised here is my little post about our motel.  It was such an adorable 50's feel.  It is actually one of the Door County's top ranked hotels.  Artist will stay here during the county's songwriting festivals and may even record in their room.  All of the rooms are wired for the possibility of recording studio in the room.  We absolutely loved the vibe.  The decorations reminded me so much of my grandmother's house, some of the decorations my grandmothers had when I was very young.  Enjoy the pictures I took while we were inside.

 I loved the tree.  I remember having one exactly like this when I was very young.

 The instruments in the lobby are for the guest to play.

 The little robot made from a vacuum cleaner was too cute.


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  1. That is the cutest hotel I've ever seen....I would've stayed there the whole time playing and missed out on the local sites! So cute.

    What about our Cubbies!!!!! #LetsGo!!!



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