Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Christmas At Work Competition

I truly love where I work and every year there is a friendly competition between departments on decoration.  My team is the largest so far and we expand over three aisles of cubicles.  It is very difficult to decorate this large of an area.  This year I thought it would be great to do "Twas The Night Before Christmas" and section each area into parts of the book.

The first row we had stockings and fire places dangling from the ceiling tiles.
The second row we dangled peppermint candy, gingerbread men, and pink ballerinas for the vision of Sugar Plums Danced In Their Heads.
 The last row, I created roof tops (well the team executed my idea) above each cubicle
and hung Santa flying with his eight reindeer and
snow flakes dangling from the ceiling.
We also pulled up a table and placed Santa and a table top Christmas tree.  
We brought in Christmas cookies to share with those who came to visit.
My team, well nearly all of my team we had four out that day. 
We dressed in our pajamas as if we were little children Christmas morning.

We did not win but I had several people come to me and tell me how our picture did not do justice for our team and we should have won.  They were right again it is hard with an area as large as our to have a good team picture to submit for voting.  I did enjoy hearing the people talk about our area. 

Do you decorate at work?


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