Saturday, December 3, 2016

2016 Gingerbread House

Every year, well since Taj has been old enough to help, Todd and I will pick up a gingerbread house kit to make with one of the days we watch Taj.  This year's kit I purchased the day after we took him to the movies and I could not pass this one up because I knew Taj would be excited about it.

Yes, our gingerbread house this year is Troll's Gingerbread House.  The only disappointing thing to Taj is the Troll was not Branch, but I explained to him they did not make a Branch character gingerbread house. 

After the explanation he was fine and could not wait to jump in.   He also wanted to taste the frosting and candy pieces.  He was concerned about "gluing" the candy on because he was taught at school you cannot eat glue.  He told me this over and over before we opened the package.  He was delighted when he realized the glue was frosting.

The kit also had little paper dolls I cut out to add for the day.  He was thrilled Branch was included.  I told him he could take the paper dolls home to play with when Mama came to pick him up.

He was absolutely happy with the house and wanted to know when he can begin to eat it.  We did not add the chimney to our house.  We frosted it and let him decorate it with the extra candy and then I told him to eat it.  He told us he thought it was very good.  

I wish they had these kits when my boys were younger.  I did build a much smaller with each of them.  We used cardboard milk container as our structure and glued graham crackers to it and then decorated.  

Do you make gingerbread houses as a family?



  1. This is such a cute idea. I know Taj loved it. HIs little smile makes me so happy. i love how he's a Safety Pup: "We can't eat glue!" Hahaha He's going to be a Hall Monitor! You are the best Grammie in the world, Jolene!

    Do y'all have Sprouts markets in Iowa? They have a kit with gingerbread Ugly Christmas Sweaters that you can decorate! I thought they looked fun. I might get a kit and let that be our activity on Christmas Eve after the kids' Christmas Pageant at our church.

  2. I love it. I was at Joann's yesterday and the lady at the register next to me was buying two gingerbread houses. I've always made mine from scratch but she said they turn out wonderfully well, as your did. Great job Taj. What a happy, handsome boy he is. :)


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