Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Time ~ Horse Drawn Trolley

One of the banks here in Iowa City sponsors a wonderful event every Saturday after Thanksgiving until Christmas. This year we took Taj to it on one of the Saturdays we watched him.  The event is a 15 minute horse drawn trolley ride through downtown.
The Trolley wagon is pulled by a team of two horses. The two horses  at this days event were brother and sister, Romeo and Juliette. We were told all about the horses.
We were also told Christmas stories of horse drawn sleighs.  Both Romeo and 
Juliette had sleigh bells attached around them. Inside the Trolley were a set of 
sleigh bells where the children had the chance to jingle.  
During the last few blocks of our journey we all sang "Jingle Bells".
We also found out Santa had stopped downtown and thought it would be 
great to take Taj, so off we went towards the Ped Mall.  
We found this little sleigh and could not pass up a photo opportunity. 
It was only seconds after the picture with the sleigh we found good Ol' Saint Nick. Taj was excited and told Santa everything he wanted for Christmas.
We want to create fond memories with our grandson just like we did our children.

Do you take your children/grandchildren to see Santa Claus?


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  1. Wow. That's so cool. The only time I've been in a horse drawn carriage is at Mackinac Island because motorized vehicles aren't allowed on the island. It's horses or bikes or walking. :) I love that you're making these memories with Taj. I'm certain he'll remember them forever. I miss making memories with my grandbabies. So much so I go back n' forth every day about not if but when I'm moving back to Michigan...


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