Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Tour ~ Our Kitchen

I love our house during the holiday season.  It is such a warm feeling and I love the decorations.   Today I wanted to share my kitchen decorations.   I typically have the gingerbread house and a floral container.  This year I planned something different.  I did not create everything I wanted but I like what I have started and plan to add more next year.

I fell in love with a tree made of gingerbread men on Pinterest.  I thought I would re-create something like it but smaller scale for my kitchen...ta da'!

I love the little topper I found.

The ornaments were too cute. Here are just a few...

I love my little warmer.  I put a cinnamon scent melt in it.

This year's gingerbread house.  
 You can read about our time building this year's Gingerbread House by clicking here.

This year I went with a container with balls, pine cones, and beads as my center piece.
 I very much like it.

 My plans were to hang something from the lights and adding to our cupboards for decorations.  I just did not create as many decorations as I had liked.

I am still very happy with our Kitchen this year.  I plan to share this week our house.  Please come back and see my happiness.

Do you decorate your Kitchen for the holidays?


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  1. I love your decorations. And yes. I am a decorate every room in the house kinda' gal, including the bathrooms. :)


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