Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Tour ~ Our Large Living Room/Family Room

Our large living room is my favorite room of the house during this time of the year.  I am going to start with our entertainment center.  On top, center majority of the time is where I put up my Christmas Village.  I did not add everything this year but I like what has been added.  

The second level on the right I added the skating pond from the village as well as one of the poinsettia plants.

On the left I added my new Nativity Set.  I am so in love with this set!  We also have another poinsettia plant.

I also added my little angels on the entertainment center.  I purchased these in 1983.  They used to be in my room the first five holiday seasons.

 In the corner of the base of our fireplace is a Santa and Rudolph.  The reindeer is special, Jim (Todd's Mom's boyfriend) made it years ago for Todd.  His nose broke years ago and we found this glittered ball at Pier One and thought it would be a great nose for Rudolph.  Taj loves this decoration.  Last year he would go up to Santa and talk to him.  :)

This year's fire mantel's decoration.  
My Santa collection.  

This is also the second new painting we picked up last year. 

I add Christmas place mats to our end tables.

I used to have my snow globes on the coffee table but then Taj started to walk.
This year we added this little basket with lights, pine cones, and Christmas balls.
We also added our two North Pole Express Bells.  
You can click here and read about our North Pole Express Adventure.

On top of my piano is a small Nutcracker set.

In the corner we have our Christmas Tree.

Do you have a favorite room in your house during the holidays?  Come back tomorrow for a close up of our tree.


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